Ok, so is Devon wearing a prosthetic in that scene in Sex/Life season 2?

jonathan sadowski prosthetic penis scene
Sex/Life creator on that S2 penis scene Netflix

Contains spoilers for Sex/Life season 2

It wouldn't be a season of Netflix's Sex/Life without there being at least one scene featuring a very large penis. In season one we had that shower scene featuring Adam Demos as Brad, and now in the new season two, the final episode gave us another full frontal scene starring Devon (Jonathan Sadowski). And it's left everyone wondering, is Jonathan Sadowski wearing a prosthetic penis?

In case you haven't watched the scene yet, or you need a quick refresher (how could you forget?), the penis scene takes place in episode six, around the 18 minute mark. In the scene Cooper (Mike Vogel) is seen asking Devon if his penis was impacted after the pair got into a car crash with two sex workers.

jonathan sadowski prosthetic penis scene

During the car crash one of the sex workers, Piper, happened to um, bite off some of Devon's penis. Devon explains that following the crash, he had his penis reconstructed, with an extra inch added and a pump to help get the penis moving. He then goes onto demonstrate exactly how the pump works, leaving viewers and Cooper with an unobstructed view of his new and improved penis.

The creator of Sex/Life Stacy Rukeyser told Cosmopolitan UK the creative team behind Sex/Life love coming up with fun moments for fans of the show, in particular these "OMG!" scenes.

" The Sex/Life writers and I love big twists and turns, and creating those TikTok-worthy, OMG moments that our fans are waiting for. The ideas for these moments always start with character and story.

"Devon has been a very bad boy — the devil on Cooper’s shoulder all season, who also blithely cheats on his wife, Trina. And in our universe, men who act like that are punished. In this case, they get their penis bitten off in the middle of an awful car crash!"

sex life season 2 ending explained

Stacy revealed Jonathan was really up for creating the scene, calling him a "comedic genius" for his skills.

She told Cosmopolitan UK: "I remember when we had the story idea, and I had to call Jonathan to see if he might be up for it. Jonathan was worried, apparently, thinking I might be calling to say he’s not in this season or something. But when I pitched him the story idea, he LOVED it, and was all in from the get go."

As to whether Jonathan is wearing a prosthetic or not, Stacy is remaining quiet on that one, "I will repeat what Adam Demos had to say in season one — 'A gentleman never tells'.”

devon prosthetic penis scene sex life season 2

When it came to viral Brad shower scene in season one, both Adam Demos and Stacy Rukeyser hinted at the possibility of using a prosthetic.

Stacy told Collider, "No. That’s not a body double. I mean, people usually ask is it real or is it a prosthetic? I can tell you what Adam Demos says about it which is, a gentleman never tells. So, we are leaving that up to the viewer’s imagination."

Adam also touched on the subject saying he was completely comfortable going full frontal during the filming of Sex/Life because of the intimacy co-ordinator on set.

"We would have an intimacy coordinator and everyone would speak about it and their comfort levels. You would rehearse it so much that by the time you did it, it was a lot more comfortable than you'd assume. You discuss everything: hand movements, everything down to the breath. In sex scenes, the breathing is an emotional thing, so you're discussing that journey, but then you're also discussing each individual's comfort level," he told Entertainment Weekly.

It seems we may never get a 100 per cent confirmation on whether prosthetics were used for those scenes, guess we'll just have to watch a few more times to try and find out.

Sex/Life season two is available on Netflix now

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