Ok, so David Harbour and Lily Allen just did a home tour and fans are actively shocked

david harbour and lily allen house tour
Fans shocked by David Harbour and Lily Allen homeGetty Images

We love a good snoop around a celebrity's house. And one of our favourite celeb properties we've always dreamed about owning is Stranger Things' David Harbour's New York loft. It was like our Pinterest fantasies come to life with plenty of plants, rich textures and mid century pieces. But now David Harbour and his wife singer Lily Allen have given a tour of their new property and it could not be more different to his loft.

David and Lily, who got married in 2020, gave Architectural Digest a tour of their newly decorated Brooklyn town house. And let's just saying the house is very different to David's old place and fans cannot get over the difference in the two properties.

The tour begins in the English and Italian inspired kitchen featuring gingham touches, a large stove and a cute lamp that was part of the original design of the property. Many fans were really into this room of the home (us included) but it's the rest of the house the fans are in shock with.

The bathroom features swan taps, a pink fridge, an embroidery of sexually transmitted diseases (because why not?) and a lot of florals, including a floral carpet. Now we love you David and Lily, but we can't cope with the carpet in the bathroom.

The couple opted for a pink bedroom that leads off from the bathroom, with interestingly no windows.

The rest of the house definitely has a more maximalism feel with bright colours and bold patterns, such as the tiger print sofa on the ground floor.

It's a big difference to David's previous more minimalism place and fans have picked up on it, with one saying: "What a style change from David's old place. Love the new place and they look so happy!"

Another said: "Loved his house before and in a totally different way, love their house right now."

And another commented: "I preferred it more the first time AD came to your house it's too maximalist style for me this one."

Though not everyone is loving the house, many fans are commenting to say whilst they were surprised with the design, they love the bold choices made by David and Lily and see it as a great reflection of the couple.

One person said: "I loved it! So original and yet I feel you can see a little bit of David's old place in some rooms."

And another said: "They are just such a cool couple and I love their quirky style. I was not expecting how floral some of their interior choices are, but I think they seem to be very attuned and open to each others’ tastes."

The tour continues with a look into Lily and David's closets, which are downright incredible. There's cupboards with glass cases so Lily can see all her designer bags and a unique shell mirror.

David's closet is a lot darker and moodier, and quite a bit smaller than Lily's. Well, we know which closet we'd prefer.

The tour of their home ends in the garden which features a sauna shed and a cold plunge pool shed. Ok, where do we apply to become celebrities?

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