The Oil Mistake That's Ruining Your Homemade Egg Rolls

Plate of egg rolls
Plate of egg rolls - Lauripatterson/Getty Images

If you're a fan of Chinese takeout, then you'll be happy to know that many popular menu items are actually easier to make at home than you might have thought. Things like juicy pork lo mein, an at-home takeout-style orange chicken, and kung pao chicken wings are all relatively easy to put together with a little bit of practice and time. For those who love the apps, egg rolls are another meal you can make with relative ease.

Just note that if you do make them, there's one issue you need to be wary of: not heating your oil to the right temperature. Namely, you want to avoid letting it get too hot. If your temperature is off, you can wind up with snacks that are unevenly cooked. Plus, you'll get a texture that's less than ideal and doesn't provide the same satisfying crunch that most of us enjoy when we bite into these crispy appetizers. If you let your oil get too hot, you run the risk of the egg rolls burning on the outside while remaining undercooked on the inside. This is because the appetizers cook quickly, which means that the water in the wrappers can't evaporate enough to create a crunchy exterior.

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How To Nail The Proper Oil Temperature For Frying Egg Rolls

Pile of egg rolls and sauce
Pile of egg rolls and sauce - QinJin/Shutterstock

To make your own egg rolls, an oil temperature of between 350 and 375 degrees Fahrenheit is a good rule of thumb. As you heat your oil, monitor it with a thermometer to ensure your oil doesn't get too hot. Once it's up to temperature, you're ready to add the egg rolls. Keep in mind that the oil temperature will drop slightly once you add the food. To counteract this, you can turn up the heat to get it back into the right temperature, but once again, monitor it with a thermometer to ensure you don't overdo it.

If you're really worried about your ability to get the oil temperature right, you can always make your egg rolls in the air fryer. Just note that you'll want a slightly hotter temperature, and preheating is also key to getting evenly cooked appetizers.

Choose Your Oil Carefully

Various types of oil lined up
Various types of oil lined up - Alexander Prokopenko/Shutterstock

It's not just about the temperature; you'll also want to pay attention to the type of oil you use. One factor to consider is the smoke point. Oils with a higher smoke point are a better choice as they prevent your food from taking on a burnt, acrid flavor. Plus, it can release gases that are prone to catching fire. Avocado oil has a high smoke point, which sits at over 500 degrees Fahrenheit. However, if you don't want to use this variety, a good rule of thumb is that refined oils tend to have higher smoke points and make for good picks.

Beyond the smoke point, you'll also want to consider the flavor that the oil imparts. Peanut oil is a great pick here as it has a nutty flavor that the egg rolls soak up. It's also got savory notes that pair well with the filling in your appetizer. Or if you want something more neutral, canola oil might work. With these considerations and a focus on the temperature, you're on the right track to create tasty, perfectly textured egg rolls.

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