It’s officially Aquarius season and we’ve got your weekly horoscope

 (Dario Brönnimann/ Via Unsplash)
(Dario Brönnimann/ Via Unsplash)


If you’ve witnessed the magic of Butch and Sundance, Thelma and Louise and Romy and Michele, you’ll know all about the power of two. You can’t see every pitfall, so who do you trust to be your second pair of eyes?


You’ve got your back to work specs on, so spy a little harder and you’ll see what might need adjusting. What’s making you doubt your ambitions? Squash whatever it is because you’re more than capable of climbing to the top.


The definition of insanity is repeating yourself and expecting different results. Take the scenic route and you’ll discover new worlds, fresh stories and far more victories. Build a brand new universe and witness starry results.


Game faces, please. No matter what position you’re starting from, it’s time to commit to that bold vision you’ve been contemplating. Do so and you will create a wide reaching impact.


You’re not the only planet in the galaxy. It’s time to make an active effort to contribute to the orbits of your close companions. With a pinch of selflessness, you can open the gates to spellbinding intimacy.


Don’t compromise your craft in order to appease the opinions of others. Have confidence in the way you’re going. You have the power to create the zeitgeist, so don’t let anyone haggle with your worth.


Been in a creative slump recently? Say no more! An uptake in passion, vigour and vitality is coming your way. Let your hair down, run riot and engage your wild side to undo any internal knots.


What hypothetical doors have you been bolting shut? Sometimes we can be guilty of trapping ourselves in our own cage and blocking sunshine from seeping through. Dig deep to unlock each one and break free.


With a dash of self reflection, you’ll come across thoughts, ideas and creative growth spurts that have been bubbling under the surface. Be precise and move with intention for a much speedier succession.


Press pause on the doom scrolling for a sec. Ask yourself: are you using the internet, or is it controlling you? Now is the time to check in for an MOT to see what outside influences are impacting your everyday life.


If you’re hiding behind a label, your status or what you own, a new setting will soon require you to strip away any external fluff. Keep in mind that you’re an invaluable gem, not a commodity to be bought and sold.

PISCES The intensity of love is often a mirage of our deepest fantasies. As Cupid pulls you into a fever dream, burn old romantic scripts and throw the ashes into the night. History doesn’t have to repeat itself.