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Love Story

Walking on the Harvard University campus in a belted camel coat with patch pockets and hint of a red sweater, Ali MacGraw became an instant style star. The outfits in Love Story are so classic, so timeless, that they continue to influence every time the weather gets cooler.

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So You’re Off To University: Get Inspired By Cinema’s Best Dressed Students

Hundreds of thousands of teenagers in England, Wales and Northern Ireland have found out their A-level and AS results today.

So if you’ve got your results today, congrats, you’re no longer a school kid who is forced to adhere to a dress code. You’re now a student, free to wear what you want and flaunt your fashionable side - until you oversleep your first lecture and turn up in your pajamas (it happens to all of us)

For many University is the perfect time to explore and experiment with your style. So have a look through our slideshow and learn from cinemas smartest, studious and stylish women.

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