NYC's Milano Market Westside Has Sandwiches Big Enough To Feed A Family

chicken sandwiches on wooden board
chicken sandwiches on wooden board - Milano Market Westside / Facebook

If you're a fan of supersized sandwiched, chances are you've had more than a few Subway footlongs (even after they got rid of the $5 price tag). If you're a real Joey Chestnut-in-training, you may have even considered taking on one of those wild food challenges like the Connecticut-based Bear's Smokehouse Bearwich (four pounds of barbecued meat with one pound of coleslaw) or the as-seen-on-"Man v. Food" 5-pound grilled cheese from Cleveland's Melt Bar & Grilled. If you're not looking to bust a gut but simply want an extra-large, extra-tasty sandwich, maybe your food pilgrimage should include a stop at the Milano Market Westside in Manhattan.

Putting a Milano Market sandwich up against your average brown bag lunch would be like having Andre the Giant show up at a high school wrestling match. These sandwiches are seriously huge, with some being made with what appears to be an entire baguette and then stuffed with a boatload of meats, cheeses, and vegetables. They're surprisingly inexpensive, too, with most priced between $12 and $14 -- sure, that's twice the price of a Subway sub, but you might get a couple of meals out of a Milano's creation.

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What's On The Menu At Milano's

sandwich with green filling
sandwich with green filling - Milano Market Westside / Facebook

Milano Market Westside isn't just a sandwich shop; it also sells a full range of other Italian deli products such as imported prosciutto and salami along with house-made mozzarella and prepared salads. That being said, the sandwich menu absolutely puts any chain sub shop to shame, as there are well over 100 different offerings, including hot subs, cold subs, wraps, and even some off-menu specials such as "The Deuce," which consists of a huge slab of ciabatta piled with fried chicken, vodka sauce, ricotta, burrata, parmesan, and pesto. The menu also has a fair number of vegetarian offerings, including a few intriguing-sounding combos like a peanut butter, Nutella, and banana wrap and a sandwich made with fig and strawberry jams, hummus, avocados, peppers, olives, and onions.

Milano Market Westside currently has a 3.9 rating on Yelp, although many of the negative reviews reflect the price that any successful establishment has to pay -- large crowds, long wait times, and staff that may be struggling to cope. Still, the sandwiches themselves get high praise, with one Yelper calling a fig jam and burrata sandwich "absolutely incredible ... a perfect balance of sweet ... and savory." Another reviewer described a balsamic-glazed prosciutto and burrata sandwich as "actually amazing ... 5/5." Over on TripAdvisor, where the deli has a 5.0 rating, one person called the Triple Threat (eggplant in marinara, pesto, and vodka sauce) "Sooo goood" with extra "o"s to indicate some serious sandwich appreciation.

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