Nurse's simple 'hold' can wind newborn babies 'in minutes' – preventing pain

The nurse's 'hold' can help relieve newborn pain from wind (stock image) -Credit:Getty Images

Nothing is worse than dealing with a crying baby who is struggling with gas.

It's distressing for the little ones, who can be in real pain, as well as tired parents who are desperate for some peace and quiet. Thankfully though, a nurse has shared her top tip for preventing the problem.

Mum-of-four Danielle Anne Manton-Kelly, also known as The Enchanted Nanny online, often shares parenting advice. And in a recent TikTok clip, she showed a way to hold newborns to make them more comfortable.

When her son William was born, an osteopath called Lucy had shown her the technique. It is supposed to "stop newborn pain from wind in minutes" – and proved to be a God send.

The method requires you to stand with the baby in your arms and gently move their legs around. Apparently, this helps with digestion, leaving them more comfortable.

According to Lucy, it's necessary to do this when they aren't "crawling or walking around" because they "need a bit of help with that movement". Seconds after the medical professional moves the baby's legs, he looks a lot more content.

The little one then smiles adorably before dozing off to sleep. The osteopath explained: "What you see an awful lot of is people polishing their babies' tummy, but that does absolutely nothing.

"If the tummy doesn't have movement, then the milk gets a chance to sit and move too slowly through there, and then it can ferment and produce wind in their tummy and that then is painful. By just lifting up here and doing a figure of eight you're stretching that side and you’re stretching that side."

The video went viral on TikTok, where it's been viewed more than 1.9million times. Many parents gushed about the technique and wished they'd heard about it before.

One commenter said: "I wish I knew this with my now eight-year-old, he suffered so bad with colic," while another added: "I wish I'd known this for my son, he was so bad with colic."