Nurse practitioner sparks outrage after listing cosmetic procedures she would perform on Natalia Dyer

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A nurse practitioner sparked outrage online after listing the cosmetic procedures she would perform on Stranger Things star Natalia Dyer alongside an edited version of the actor’s face.

Nurse practitioner Miranda Wilson, who works as an advanced injector in Laguna Beach, California, frequently posts videos on TikTok about the various cosmetic procedures she performs using botox and fillers.

In a recent clip, which has since been deleted from Wilson’s account but is circulating on Twitter, Wilson decided to share the procedures she would perform on Dyer if Dyer were her client.

After praising Dyer’s performance in the hit Netflix series, the doctor said she’d begin by “treating those masseters,” which refers to the part of the face that connects the jawline and cheekbones. Wilson then said that she’d want to work on the sides of the actor’s face to “slim” it.

She said she’d also add “a little bit of chin filler” to the 27-year-old’s face to “help fill out her chin and make her whole face more heart shaped,” before claiming that she would also “add more” to Dyer’s lips.

“Nothing crazy,” she explained. “Just a nice pout.”

The suggested procedures continued with Wilson saying she’d give Dyer a “nice brow lift to help open up her eyes” and that she’d “top” the procedure off with a filler called Sculptra.

“She does seem to have more thin skin and we want to prevent that from getting thinner and create more collagen,” Wilson said.

The video then shows an image of Dyer’s face digitally edited to show what it would look like after all of Wilson’s suggested cosmetic work.

“As we can tell, her jaw is slimmer,” the advanced injector explained. “Her chin is more pointy, and her eyebrows are more lifted, and we gotta love that pout,” she continued, referring to the filler that had been “added” to Dyer’s lips in the digitially altered image.

She concluded the video with a side-by-side image of the initial photo of Dyer next to the edited one.

As of 25 July, the video has more than 6.7m views. Twitter users have lambasted Wilson and shared how disgusted they are to see a woman remarking on how she’d change another woman’s face.

“This is an unbelievably gross thing to do omg,” one person wrote.

“It’s creepy and seems to be only other women that want this type of society for us,” another said.

Other viewers went on to point out that Dyer doesn’t need any cosmetic work done while condemning societal beauty standards.

“’Let’s make everyone look as much the same as possible’ isn’t really the positive to me she thinks it would be,” one person wrote. “I can’t imagine looking at a beautiful face like that and thinking ‘how can I make that more generic’…Let people be their natural selves as much as possible.”

“This is why everyone looks the same. Y’all are obsessed with one face shape and one face type like wtf,” another added.

A third person asked: “Are people not allowed to look unique and different? Also her final result is literally the exact f***ing  head shape as megamind. What the h*** brings someone to make and post this.”

The Independent has reached out to Wilson and a representative for Dyer for comment.

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