You can now rent spin bikes to do at-home classes

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Photo credit: Bojan89 - Getty Images

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Since the pandemic hit and we all had to adjust to life in various stages of lockdown, it's safe to say the majority of us have changed our exercise routine – be it by trying different online classes or dabbling with virtual personal training. Many have also taken up running for the first time, given that it's outdoors and free, whereas others have continued on with in-person gym sessions, albeit in newly COVID secure style spaces.

Given we've now been in this dystopian world for almost eight months (!), one popular class that can't be easily replicated at home is almost starting to feel like a distant memory, for those still avoiding studios – which is why the news that Digme are now offering at-home spin bikes to rent is extremely exciting! Also, loving how much the idea of having one of those knocking about the gaffe feels like an A-list privilege.

The fitness brand, who offer online sessions alongside various classes in their eight studios, say as part of their Digme At Home offering, clients around the UK will be able to rent pro spinning bikes from as little as £79 per month. Given that classes in high end studios are typically around the £20, for those used to paying those prices this option would soon balance itself out if the user committed to one class a week.

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A Digme spokesperson told Cosmopolitan UK, "Consumers will be invited to buy or rent a top of the range Keiser m3i lite bike from just £79 per month [for a 24 month contract] with a variety of rental period and pricing structures. Digme have also developed an interactive iPad app, where members can access classes as well as sync the Keiser bike with their Digme profile, to give them the opportunity to get live user data and monitor performance in both studio and at home classes."

For those not looking to be locked into such a long rental plan, a three-month option is available for £119 per month, with a £240 deposit against the bike. Due to high demand, the bikes are being released in phases and anybody interested is advised to get registering with Digme At Home.

Spin classes from the comfort of your own home? No queues for the shower afterwards? Sign us up!

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