You can now rent Kate Winslet’s cottage from The Holiday

you can now rent kate winslet’s cottage from the holiday on air bnb
Rent Kate Winslet’s cottage from The HolidayJON BROMLEY

The cosy cottage which inspired Kate Winslet’s home in the 2006 festive rom-com, The Holiday, is now available to rent on Airbnb.

The charming home is now owned by Jon Bromley, 58, and his wife, Cressida, 52, who moved into the cottage in 2019 after spotting it in a property magazine. Surprisingly, the couple didn't realise the significance of their new home until they noticed people taking pictures outside.

Once Jon and Cressida realised the popularity of the cottage, the pair made the decision to list their home on Airbnb. Guests can now stay for an average price of £295 a night, with bookings already made for as far ahead as summer 2023.

The rustic cottage features three bedrooms and is located in Holmbury St Mary, Surrey. It also boasts an AGA stove, underfloor heating, a landscaped garden and a flagstone-laid terrace. Better still, lovely views over the Surrey hills.

cottage from the holiday movie photo
Honeysuckle CottageHamptons International

The property featured in the film after researchers from The Holiday came to visit. They ultimately decided it was too great a distance from the location of the cast and crew in London – so their solution was to painstakingly recreate it brick by brick in a studio.

The version of the cottage featured in the film is a match to the real-life home. Everything from the cottage's quaint picket fence and country garden to the rural track that Diaz famously slips on was meticulously recreated by filmmakers.

cottage from the holiday movie photo
Honeysuckle CottageHamptons International

On the DVD commentary, the production designer for The Holiday, Jon Hutman, revealed he had been on the hunt for the “cutest, smallest, most English cottage that we could find” when he came across the charming property.

In the much-loved rom-com, Amanda Woods (Cameron Diaz) leaves Los Angeles for a holiday in rural England, swapping her mansion for a quaint country cottage owned by Iris (Kate Winslet). During her visit, she meets Iris' brother Graham (Jude Law), and they fall in love. Sixteen years after its release, the film is now a classic rom-com and Christmas favourite.

The owner, Jon, said: “I'm just really proud of it. It’s a very lovely house and we're very lucky.

“I had bookings straight away. Our first guests were a few weeks ago for two nights. They were scientists from Cambridge and really enjoyed it.

“It's one of those getaways where you go and hide yourself somewhere in a little village. There's nothing here but a pub next door - no shops.

“I still live in the cottage but I have four lettings so far - Christmas, New Year and two in summer for weddings locally.”

If it looks like a great place for your next staycation, you can book your trip here.

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