You Can Now Buy Texas Roadhouse Butter at Walmart

Now we just need the rolls.

It’s ok to admit that one of the main reasons you go to Texas Roadhouse is for the warm, pillowy rolls and sweet cinnamon-honey butter. That and its $40 meal deal are some of the steakhouse chain’s biggest draws.

As much as we love snacking on peanuts and noshing on a fresh Cactus Blossom at the Southwestern-style restaurant, we crave the sweet butter and fresh rolls more than anything else—even when we grill up a steak dinner at home. Sure, you could always order some Texas Roadhouse rolls and butter to go, but that still requires an extra stop on the way home from the grocery store. And, let’s face it, by the time you go to serve them, they won’t be as fresh and buttery as you would have liked.

Enter our knight in shining armor, Walmart, which recently launched a new line of private-label products, including a Texas Roadhouse Cinnamon-Honey Butter look-alike.

Walmart’s New bettergoods Cinnamon Honey Butter Is a Texas Roadhouse Dupe



Walmart’s private label selection has always been known for having great copycat products—like versions of Big Mac Sauce, Cane’s Sauce, and McDonald’s French fries. Now, with the launch of its bettergoods line, Walmart has even more items to choose from.

The line, which is Walmart’s biggest private-label launch in 20 years, includes more than 300 new products across three categories: culinary experiences, plant-based, and “made without.”

The bettergoods Cinnamon Honey Butter is part of its culinary experiences line, which includes elevated and trending items to make your everyday meals that much better.

Walmart’s new private label products are hitting stores nationwide now—where it looks like the copycat butter will be available in a three-ounce container for about $2.50.

Unfortunately, Walmart doesn’t sell a copycat version of Texas Roadhouse’s buttery rolls, but something like a Sister Schubert Parker House-style roll would likely do the trick. Or, if you’re up for a little bit of baking, you can always make our Copycat Texas Roadhouse Rolls recipe to get you as close to the real thing as possible without having to leave home.

Either way, we’re sure the bettergoods Cinnamon Honey Butter will quickly become a staple in our fridge. You never know when you could come across a roll that needs a sweet, whipped butter to make just a bit tastier. Heck, who needs a roll, you could slather this on toast, waffles, and even sweet potatoes for a delicious honey- and cinnamon-infused experience.

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