You can now buy paper pregnancy tests that are 99% recyclable

For people trying to conceive, staring intently at a plastic stick could soon be a thing of the past with the launch of new paper-based pregnancy tests.

Hoopsy’s tests are made from 99% paper, and apart from the section that is urinated on, can be put in the paper recycling bin, along with the cardboard packaging. The pouch the test comes in can also be recycled through soft plastic bins at some supermarkets.

While they definitely pass the eco-test, prospective parents can also be assured that they deliver accurate results, too.

Photo credit: Hoopsy
Photo credit: Hoopsy

The tests have a hCG (the hormone released when you get pregnant) sensitivity of 25mlU/ml, and can be used from the day of your expected period. Results are presented in 5 minutes or less, and they are 99% accurate, which is in line with all major (plastic based) pregnancy tests.

They’re the brainchild of Lara Solomon who was inspired to make an eco-friendly pregnancy test after going through a challenging battle with IVF and embryo transfers. Aware of the countless tests she was taking and throwing away, she decided to use her entrepreneurial background to make a change and launched a project to design a biodegradable pregnancy test, saving landfills from even more pieces of plastic.

Photo credit: Hoopsy
Photo credit: Hoopsy

Lara said that she wants Hoopsy ‘to provide sustainable healthcare products that help women, their partners, and the planet’, adding that ‘knowing that every test we sell means one less plastic test thrown in the bin, is what makes me jump out of bed each morning.’

Pregnancy tests have an enormous effect on landfill. In the UK alone, 15.5 million home pregnancy tests are completed a year, creating a substantial amount of plastic waste.

Hoopsy’s pregnancy tests are available in packs of three tests for £14.99 five tests for £22.99 or 10 tests for £39.99. They’re available to buy on the website with free shipping at

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