You Can Now Buy Nuggets Made From Heinz Beanz

heinz magical beanz nuggets
Heinz Launches Nuggets Made From Baked BeansHeinz

Now, we've heard of some pretty strange food combos here at Delish, but we never quite thought we'd be chowing down on nuggets made from baked beans.

But that's exactly what Heinz's most recent launch is: crispy nuggets made with their famous beans.

Heinz Magical Beanz Nuggets are crispy bean-shaped nuggets filled with veg and beans, designed to appeal to nugget-loving kids (and adults too...).

They come in three flavours: Original, made with tomato and sweetcorn, Cheesy, made with cauliflower and cheddar cheese, and Curried, made with parsnip, carrot, coconut and mild curry spices.

heinz beanz nuggets

Heinz is on a mission to pack nutrients into the new product launch, with Sophie Higgins, Head of Growth Platform at Heinz New Ventures saying: "who knew you could make nuggets out of the little nutritional powerhouses that are beans?! They really do seem magical – or as we would say, unbeanlievable. We think they’re set to be a mealtime game-changer!”

The new nugs will be available exclusively in store at ASDA, and online at Ocado, priced at £2.75 RRP.

Heinz baked beans have been making their way into foodstuffs for some time now, including the Heinz Beanz Pizza last year, Heinz Beanz Burgerz, Heinz Beanz Bowls and of course - the famous Heinz Beanz Filled Hash Browns.

As launches get more and more innovative, we'll keep our eyes peeled for anymore exciting Heinz Beanz news.