You can now buy foot long pigs in blankets from M&S

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You can now buy foot long pigs in blankets from M&S

One of the best things about Christmas, undoubtedly, is the food. And, especially pigs in blankets.

If you've ever had qualms about the size of regular pigs in blankets, this is your year. M&S has launched a foot-long version of the festive classic.

Marks and Spencer has joined other supermarkets like Asda and Aldi by adding the extended creation to its line of Christmas treats.

An Instagram post by the company read: "Not wanting to boast... but we're quite proud of our new Foot Long Pigs in Blankets! Made with outdoor bred pork sausage and wrapped in streaky bacon, the best thing about Christmas dinner just got better!"

The new super-sized version of the British favourite come in packs of two and weighs in at 670 grams.

The price point of £5 for two is higher than Aldi's (£2.99).

M&S is just the latest supermarket to offer a twist on the culinary delight, with Tesco introducing pigs in duvets earlier this year - pigs in blankets wrapped in puff pastry.

The M&S foot-long pigs in blankets are on sale in stores across the country now.

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