8 novelty secret santa gifts under £10

A gift to suit all personalities. [Photo: Getty]
A gift to suit all personalities. [Photo: Getty]

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Finding the perfect secret santa gift is no easy task.

It’s particularly challenging because on most occasions you’ll end up with Mark from HR and will spend the rest of the day quietly asking “which one is Mark again?” to your work buddies.

When you don’t really know somebody - or you simply just don’t know what to buy somebody within a £10 limit - it’s no easy feat.

Do you go novelty, or take a more serious approach?

We know somebody who received an actual cat as their secret santa present, without ever expressing the desire to own a cat. So, feel safe in the knowledge that it could always be worse.

In lieu of a cat, we’ve handpicked the best 8 novelty secret santa presents which work whether you know the recipient well or not.

For the gin-lovers, there’s a colour changing gin infusing kit to whet your appetite. For the millennials (who are, of course, being told regularly that they have messed up their lives by buying too many avocados) there’s a great avocado cookbook.

For a truly novel approach, there’s BigMouth Inc’s Tiny Hands which will undoubtedly encourage a few laughs around the Christmas dinner table.

If you’ve got a sweet tooth in the office, you might prefer to opt for a massive box full of old-school sweets. Arguably - whether you’ve got a sweet tooth or not - you won’t want to miss this one.

8 of the best novelty secret santa gifts under £10 on Amazon

Gin Infusing Kit from Amazon| £5.59

The Avocado Cookbook from Amazon | £5.41

Cocktail Garden Kit from Amazon | £7.99

Sauce Shop Brussels Sprout Ketchup from Amazon | £3

Tiny Hands from Amazon | £8.30

Rockjock Fuzz Face Beard Hat from Amazon | £3.79

Telescopic Back Scratcher from Amazon | £4.90

Box of Old-School Sweets | £7.99

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