Noughties to now: The evolution of the tracksuit

2000, Paris Hilton

At the forefront of the tracksuit trend was Paris Hilton. Her velour tracksuits and “That’s Hot” catch phrase became iconic to the 90s. [Photo: Instagram/ Juicy Couture]

2001, Jennifer Lopez

Back when JLO was still ‘Jenny from the block’ she loved a powder pink trackie, which obviously mean’t so did we. [Photo:Instagram/ Juicy Couture]

2003, Britney

Britney Spears started wearing Juicy Couture tracksuits in 2003. It was then that every girl just HAD to have one. [Photo: Getty]

2004, Mean Girls

Most girls were probably donning a matchy matchy tracksuit when this iconic moment popped up in ‘Mean Girls’ in 2004. [Photo: Mean Girls]

2013, Stella McCartney

In 2013 tracksuits started making a little comeback being featured on catwalks such as Stella McCartneys’. However, the world wasn’t quite ready for the trend that had died way back in 2007. [Photo: Getty]

2014, Chanel

However, none of us could ignore when this hot pink tracksuit sauntered down the Chanel AW15 catwalk giving it full style status. [Photo: Getty]

2015, Ashish

In 2015 fashion forward designer Ashish then gave trackies a modern makeover with embroidery and text. [Photo: Getty]

2016, Vetements

Then in 2016 uber cool streetwear brand Vetements debuted tracksuits that bought back all the 90s vibes. So much so we could no longer ignore the trend. [Photo: Vetements/ Instagram]

2016, Kylie Jenner

Last year also saw several celebs such as modern day style icon Kylie Jenner love the loungewear helping the trend gain popularity again. [Photo: Kylie Jenner/ Instagram]

2017, Topshop x Juicy Couture

Now, we're way in 2017 and Juicy Couture have just launched a velour tracksuit collection with none other than Topshop. It’s definitely time to dig out that Nokia 3310 and text your mate because the tracksuit is back. [Photo: Topshop]

Ah, the matching tracksuit. We all couldn’t get enough of the trend back when Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and J Lo made it an iconic style item of the 90s. However, since it died a definite death in 2007 the thought of one just makes us cringe.

You may have noticed that the beloved 90s trend has been trying to slide it’s way back onto the scene for years now, having been featured on catwalks including Vetements and Chanel.

Well, 2017 just made sure we’re all going to be donning trackies, saying “That’s Hot” and digging out our reliable Nokia 3310’s as Juicy Couture tracksuits are now stocked on ASOS and Topshop.

In case you had forgotten all the iconic moment, here’s a recap of the tracksuit trend…

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