Nothing will ever split William and Harry, says Paul Burrell

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Reports of tension between Prince William and brother Prince Harry have been ongoing for months.

It recently emerged that the pair did not see each other in a private capacity for six months after the wedding last year.

The fall-out is said to be down to William giving some ‘brotherly advice’ to Harry when he first began dating Meghan and advising him to take things slow.

Harry reportedly took William’s advice the wrong way and is said to have accused his brother of ‘trying to destroy this relationship before it’s even started.’

Among the rumours were reports that there was a rift between Meghan and Kate, but The Sun’s royal correspondent Emily Andrew previously told Yahoo UK’s ‘The Royal Box,’ that this was not the case.

Princess Diana’s former butler Paul Burrell tells ‘The Royal Box:’ “I think the press would rather concentrate on a rift between Meghan and Kate because that’s far more sexy to have a cat fight between royal duchesses.

“I think perhaps William has taken his brother to one side at times and said ‘are you sure?’ Everyone was concerned about Harry because Harry was the one next to get married so I’m sure William has been watching over him all these years.”

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William and Harry have always been close. [Photo: Getty]
William and Harry have always been close. [Photo: Getty]

Paul, who worked for Princess Diana from 1987 until her death a decade later, says nothing will come between the royal brothers.

Burrell adds: “I don’t think that anything will ever split those boys, I think their mother’s death cemented them together forever. Until their mother’s death, they were very individual boys, now I think they are very close.

“Of course Harry always wanted a family, now he has one, there’s every reason to think the two families will come together.”

In recent months, the Sussexes have moved from Kensington Palace to their new home Frogmore Cottage in Windsor.

Meghan and Harry have also set up their own royal household under Buckingham Palace, breaking away from their joint office with the Cambridges.

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The Princess of Wales and her two sons, Princess William (left) and Prince Harry, ride in a horse-drawn sleigh as they leave their hotel in Lech, Austria. They are accompanied by the Princess's friends Catherine Soames and Kate Menzies
Diana with William and Harry in Austria, in 1994. [Photo: PA]

The couples have also split their joint charity initiative The Royal Foundation, with the Sussexes due to set up their own organisation later this year.

Sources deny any rumours of a rift between the couples, saying the decision was taken to "better align their charitable activity with their new households.”

The Royal Foundation also said both couples will continue to work together in the future, including on the Heads Together mental health campaign.

It’s thought that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will attend their nephew Archie’s christening, which will reportedly take place at Windsor Castle on Saturday 6 July.

Kate and William spoke of how ‘thrilled’ they were for Harry and Meghan when Archie was born on May 6.

During an engagement in Greenwich, William joked: "I'm very pleased and glad to welcome my own brother into the sleep deprivation society that is parenting."

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