This silicone mat is about to become your new kitchen essential

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This non-stick mat with revolutionise your baking. (Getty Images)
This non-stick mat with revolutionise your baking. (Getty Images)

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We never realised quite how many things could go wrong in baking until we went into lockdown and joined the rest of the nation in becoming amateur chefs from our home kitchen.

From sourdough starters that don’t bubble to cakes that don’t rise, there are myriad pitfalls a baker can encounter on their way to perfection.

However, there are some mistakes we can avoid, and having our perfectly kneaded dough stick to the kitchen worktops or our scones hold fast to the baking tray, is one of them.

This NoStik Silicone Roll and Pastry Preparation Mat can be used to roll, slice and shape any of your bakes - from sweet treats to savoury favourites - and can then be put into the oven with them to ensure fuss-free removal.

Why we love it:

Not only does it keep our kitchen counters clean but it also means we’re not still pulling flecks of dough out of the cracks between the tiles a week later.

Plus, it saves us time, patience and money (as no wasted ingredients or bakes) and limits the number of extra trips to the supermarket to stock back up on yeast when the first round goes wrong.

How it works:

The NoStik Silicone Pastry Mat combines an anti-slip work surface with a baking sheet ready for the oven. Thanks to the silicone anti-slip side, the mat stays in one place without moving when kneading, mixing, preparing and rolling out pasta, mince or dough for cookies and pizza.

When your preparation is finished, the mat can easily be placed in the oven.

What the reviews say:

  • “Perfect, sustainable alternative to baking parchment - I own several of these. Easy to clean and can be used at high temperatures.”

  • “Chuck away all the parchment paper that's in your cupboard - you won't need it ever again. This mat is brilliant, I have now baked both savoury and sweet stuff on it (pizza, cookies, roast potatoes, fish etc.) and I am so pleased with it. It's fantastic at high temperature, easy to wash, good for the environment and for one's diet as well as it allows to cut down on oil when cooking chips, for example. Not aesthetically amazing, but who cares - it does the job brilliantly. Overall great buy, 10/10.”

  • “I searched various shops for this item. John Lewis were the cheapest. Its a great product and very useful.”

Buy it: NoStik Silicone Roll and Pastry Preparation Mat | £12.99 from John Lewis

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