Non-Americans Who Married Americans, What Are The Biggest (And Smallest) Differences You've Noticed?

All married couples have their fair share of miscommunications and differences.

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But some couples have it even tougher! That's why we're turning to the BuzzFeed Community to ask this question: Non-Americans who married Americans, what are the biggest (and smallest) differences you’ve noticed?

Maybe you weren't expecting there to be so many language barriers as you settled into married life...

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Maybe you still don't get why your partner is obsessed with having ice in their water.

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Maybe you're weirded out by all the hugging your in-laws do every time they see each other.

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Or maybe you are absolutely sick of their favorite chicken dish, which has BARELY ANY FLAVOR!!!

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Whatever the cultural differences are — whether they're giant or subtle — share them with us in this anonymous form or in the comments below. Your response could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.