The #NoLoveChallenge spotlights HBCUs culture

TikTokers have found a new dance routine to perfect, and it’s letting everyone put on their best HBCU majorette shoes.

The dance was created by Jordyn Williams (@bigbawdybenz) back in November of 2022 and is still riding high. Furthermore, the dance lives under the #nolovechallenge, since the song playing in the background is “No Love” by J.K. Mac. Williams is a former dancer who missed dancing. Now, her and the rest of TikTok are strutting their stuff.

That specific hashtag has 23.2 million views. The dance is more popularly known as the #majorettechallenge, which has 37.6 million views.

In HBCU culture, the marching bands and dance teams are just as, if not more, important than a school’s athletic teams – which isn’t the case for a majority of other schools in the country.

In the video, Williams is dancing in a specific style, one akin to the majorette dancers at HBCUs. The style makes the most of limited space, doing a lot with a little bit of room. Majorettes spend a lot of time dancing in front of the band in the stands of a stadium. Dances normally start with the leader starting the routine and their team joining them once they’re done.

Williams took the style and choreography of an HBCU dancer, a majorette, and put it on front street. Current and former majorettes have taken notice and participated in the trend.

The gaming world has participated in this trend with even Sims characters participating.

Pageantry and grandiosity elevate Majorette dancing, but the accessibility of the #nolovechallenge is propelling it forward in this case.

J.K. Mac released “No Love” on Nov. 2, 2022, but the music video premiered on Jan. 13, 2023. The artist not only credited Williams’ dance in the video but also allowed her to choreograph.

With the video now out, the internet will continue to live out their majorette dreams.

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