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I tried No7's new dermatologist-led skincare range before it launched and it exceeded my expectations

🛍️ Product reviewed: No7's Derm Solutions Collection 
Tested for: One week
Rating: 5/5
💸 Reasons to buy: The collection caters very well to sensitive skin, whether you're dry, acne-prone or struggle with rosacea, with simple, easy to use products that are easy to implement into your existing routine
Reasons to avoid: You could argue that you don't need a new cleanser if you like the one you're currently using, but overall, this is a very impressive addition to the No7 arsenal
💰 Best deal we've found: Currently Boots is offering a 3 for 2 deal across No7 products, with the cheapest item being free

No7's new Derm Solutions skincare range has been created to address dryness, oiliness, acne, eczema, psoriasis and rosacea. (Yahoo Life UK / No7)
No7's new Derm Solutions skincare range has been created to address dryness, oiliness, acne, eczema, psoriasis and rosacea. (Yahoo Life UK / No7)

Last week I was invited to a top secret launch from No7 for a skincare range called Derm Solutions.

It's a nine-piece collection that's all dermatologically approved and features products for targeted skin concerns such as dryness, acne, rosacea, eczema and psoriasis.

No7 is one of the UK's best-selling beauty brands and a high street stalwart in trusty Boots. From serums and moisturisers to foundations and lipsticks, it's loved for its accessible price point and wide selection of products.

As part of the launch, No7 has undertaken lengthy research with over 10,000 people, along with over 5,000 consumers in clinical and real-life trials.

The new range from No7 is said to target a variety of skin concerns. (Yahoo Life UK)
The new range from No7 is said to target a variety of skin concerns. (Yahoo Life UK)

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The range is made up of a Calming Gel Cleanser, Comforting Cream Cleanser (both £14.95), Lightweight Hydrating Lotion and 100-Hour Hydration Cream (both £22.95), Clearing Treatment (£22.95), Skin Balancing Serum (£27.95), Eczema Treatment Cream, Rosacea Treatment Serum and Psoriasis Treatment Cream (both £14.95).

It's now available exclusively at Boots, and since getting my hands on the products last week, I've been diligently testing them in my morning and evening routine — here are my initial thoughts.

💸 Reasons to buy

Firstly, allow me to share my own skincare concerns. I have mild rosacea on my cheeks, hormonal acne on my chin and dryness around my nose, and I was left impressed by how the Derm Solutions range was able to address all three.

Now, let's talk about each product individually...

Skin Balancing Serum | £27.95

My top pick

If you only buy one thing from this range, make it this serum, the hero product as No7 have described it. It's a brilliant all-rounder, tackling uneven skin tone and texture, pores and oiliness and can be used day and night to address a host of issues. It's a very lightweight gel texture that feels akin to a moisturiser and while isn't fast-absorbing, did leave my skin feeling soothed in areas I typically see dryness and nourished in my usual oily T-zone. The formula is rich in vitamin C, E and Green Tea, which work to brighten and hydrate too. I'm excited to keep using this everyday over the next few months to see how it really pays off.

Calming Gel Cleanser | £14.95

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This is a lovely lightweight cleanser that leaves skin feeling refreshed, soft and smooth first thing in the morning. Designed for oily skin, it's not stripping, overly foamy or sticky. It's non-comedogenic, meaning it won't clog pores, and is especially geared towards people prone to eczema or sensitivity.

Comforting Cream Cleanser | £14.95

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Its cream counterpart is lovely if dryness is a bigger concern for you, with a rich, nourishing texture that rinses off in seconds. Neither are rigorous enough to remove makeup, so if you regularly wear it, I'd recommend using an oil-based balm first and then one of these two cleansers.

100-Hour Hydration Cream | £22.95

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Of the two moisturisers available in Derm Solutions, I opted for the 100-Hour Hydration Cream, which is a blend of ceramides, adaptogens and niacinamide to intensely hydrate, target signs of stress on the skin, support the skin barrier and reduce redness. While I was expecting a rich, heavy cream, it's surprisingly fast-absorbing thanks to its creamy gel texture that doesn't take an age to rub in or leave you looking greasy. I find it very comfortable to use on my acne-prone yet dry skin beneath makeup.

Clearing Treatment | £22.95

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Designed to treat acne-prone skin, treat and prevent blemishes, this creamy, purple product promises a reduction in the appearance of pores, redness and excess oiliness. It's a little thick, but a little goes a long way, making it great for applying on areas of breakouts, or all over if need be. It didn't irritate my rosacea and was very fast-absorbing, leaving my skin feeling soothed and calmer with every use.

Rosacea Treatment Serum | £14.95

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This gets a giant thumbs up from me. My rosacea can often leave my skin feeling sore, hot, dry and textured all at once, but this cream-based serum relieves it. It creates a protective film over skin to help maintain hydration while reducing redness, spider veins and dryness. I've never used a rosacea-specific treatment this affordable. In just one week of use, it has made me look glowier, smoother and less irritated.

Overall I'm very impressed. In a crowded beauty industry, I think No7's Derm Solutions is fantastic if you're seeking efficient, effective and affordable skincare products that don't just smell nice and look nice, but tackle a variety of concerns.

Reasons to avoid

There's nothing I wouldn't recommend, nor are the price tags too steep, the only products I'd suggest avoiding are the cleansers if you're looking to save money or simply enjoy what you already use at home, as they're not as essential to your skin health as the serums, treatment creams and moisturisers can be.

I found many of the products to be very multi-purpose, able to treat acne, redness and dryness all in one, making it easy to streamline my routine.

💰 Best deal we've found

Boots is currently running a promotion offering a 3-for-2 deal across No7 products, so if you're keen to try more than one product from the new range, make sure you add three to your basket to get the cheapest free.

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No7's Derm Solutions range is selling fast. (No7)

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