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'No more clumping': This bestselling eyelash comb is down to just $5 for Memorial Day

Over 17,000 Amazon shoppers are going bonkers for this tool — and it's 50% off.

Mascara is a blessing and a curse. A swipe or two is the quickest way to make eyes pop. But clumping can (just as quickly) make you look like a hot mess. There's a fix — and it's a good one: this top-selling Msq Eyelash Comb is now a Memorial Day deal at Amazon for only $5. This tiny tool separates mascara-coated lashes in seconds, imparting definition to each individual lash. The result? A natural-looking, clump-free finish that will make everyone wonder if you're wearing mascara at all.

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Dump the clump! Say hello to naturally fuller-looking lashes.

$5 at Amazon

At 50% off, this eyelash comb is a total steal and is perfect for polishing any look, whether you're going to the office or on a much-needed vacation! It's like floss — once you start, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.

The best makeup doesn't draw attention to itself — it draws attention to you, giving you a glow and an indefinable magic. Mascara needs a little help here — ask any makeup artist and they'll agree. This eyelash comb is that little zhuzh that makes a big difference.

With 30 mini metal tines, it breaks up spots where mascara is accumulating. All you have to do is run it through your lashes once you've finished applying your makeup. (Some reviewers even give their lashes a swipe with the comb prior to application for better results.) Not only will it reduce clumps, it'll help separate lashes for a more natural look and fuller overall effect.

The shaped handle gives the comb a better angle, making it a breeze to use; there's even a cap to keep the tool clean and protected. Once you see how much of a difference this lash comb makes, you'll wonder why it wasn't in your makeup bag all along.

someone using the eyelash comb / the eyelash comb
What a difference a comb makes — lashes need love too! (Amazon)

Over 17,000 Amazon customers give the Msq Eyelash Comb their five-star seal of approval.

"No more clumping!" says a happy shopper. "I was skeptical, but decided to try this and ... IT WORKS! My eyelashes are very thin, so I use a couple of layers of mascara, and no matter the brand there's always some clumping. ... Super easy to grip and combs through any mascara clumps. Thumbs up for this!"

"My absolute favorite beauty tool!" reports another reviewer. "I love using this eyelash brush! I'm 68 and never used one before; had always struggled with clumps and lashes sticking together. Now I use this, it's simple and easily does the job! I love it!"

"Say goodbye to clumpy eyelashes!" exclaims a third enthusiast. "Worth it. Buy it. Don't think about it. I used it for the first time this weekend and again this morning for work and am in love. Apply your mascara, then use your brush — evens out the spread of your lashes for a full look. I'm shocked I only recently learned about this!"

Some buyers felt the comb didn't comb as well as they'd hoped. Said one: "The tines are so close together that I have to work to get it through my mascara eyelashes. I wait until the mascara is dry, otherwise it pulls some of the mascara off and I only use one coat."

"I expected it to literally comb through my eyelashes and separate them, but it did not," agreed this shopper. "It works very minimally to separate eyelashes partially."

Get it in black, beige, red, white or pink (pictured). We vote for a bright color, so it's easy to spot in your makeup bag.

$5 at Amazon

Another celebration-worthy find we love? Amazon's No. 1 bestseller in mascara — Essence mascara, which hundreds of thousands of shoppers adore. Now only $5 a pop!

Why deal with the stress of false lashes when this affordable mascara can give you similar results? It's formulated to glide on without clumping, while maximizing length and volume.

$15 at Amazon

One satisfied shopper calls it a "miracle worker," adding: "I really do look like I have on falsies. But in a natural way. At age 52, your eyebrows and eyelashes start to thin and turn gray (mine did, anyway). This mascara solves that problem. No clumps."

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