No gym, no problem? Majority of Americans get exercise they need without one

Six in 10 Americans swear they can “get all the exercise they need” without ever stepping foot inside a gym. A new study of 2,000 U.S. adults, commissioned by Nature’s Bounty, a vitamin and probiotic brand, and conducted by OnePoll, found the average person considers themselves active five times per week and exercises four times per week — and 54% said they “never” go to the gym. Since many skip the gym, they’re getting their exercise in other ways. Almost all respondents surveyed (98%) believe they can get a workout in while taking on everyday tasks. Those tasks include harnessing the power of everyday activities like walking around the neighborhood (74%), taking the stairs (60%), doing yard work (59%), cleaning the home (59%), walking the dog (56%) and bringing in groceries into the home (42%).