No Context #GBBO Is Our New Favourite Twitter Account


[Photo: Pexels]

We’re firmly into series seven of the Great British Bake Off, and are already thinking of which treats to bake in preparation for next Wednesday’s instalment.

In the mean time, feast your eyes on what is possibly the best thing to come out of Twitter this summer - No Context Bake Off.

Because with each episode of the show comes an endless number of innuendos to be made, whether its about ‘sticky icing’ or ‘soggy bottoms’ (just go on Twitter when it’s on - you’ll know what we mean).

So thankfully, one Twitter account has decided to make it official by posting snippets of the show with absolutely no context.

They’re funnier than you’d expect - some are dirty, some are dark, and some are plain ridiculous.

Once you’ve read these, you won’t be able to stop hearing them while watching the show - even something as innocent as flour will have you choking on your homemade shortbread.

Check out the Twitter account here.

The Great British Bake Off continues at 8pm on Wednesday - keep an eye out for those innuendos.

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