No biggie but you can now buy Love Island T-shirts

Laura Capon
Photo credit: Love Island

From Cosmopolitan UK

I'd like to take a guess that your Love Island obsession is a little bit out of control right now. You've got multiple Whatsapp groups which pop off every evening from 9pm till 10pm. You don't start doing any actual work until at least 10am after your morning debrief with your colleagues. You may or may not have just booked a girls holiday to Majorca and you definitely just spent £15 (plus an extra £3.40 for shipping) on your very own Love Island water bottle.

Photo credit: Love Island

It's ok this is a safe space.

So how else can you express your love for the villa life while you agonise over your application for next year?

You could buy a t-shirt thats what. Just think how happy you would be, sitting on your sofa, drinking out of your Love Island bottle, wearing your Love Island T-Shirt, while everyone ignores your dad asking "who is the Blazing Squad" in your family Whatsapp group.

So, delete some photos off your phone, clear your Whatsapp history and delete Tinder (for the umpteenth time) and when you have enough available storage, download the Love Island app.

Photo credit: Love Island

Yes, for only £15 you could have Montana's quote emblazoned across your breasts and tbh what could get better than that.

Nothing, literally nothing.

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