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'Feels like I'm using La Mer': This $10 cream with a 100-year-old formula treats dry skin

What is it?

Now that cooler weather is on the horizon, it's time to think about switching up your skincare routine. For the past few months, lighter moisturizers and products were needed to keep your skin glowing during summer. But as soon as the temps drop, you need to layer in thicker products to combat the environmental changes.And Nivea's Moisturizing Cream fits that bill — it's hydrating, has healing properties and is safe for your face and body!

This $10 cream feels luxuriously rich.

$12 at Amazon

Why is it a good deal?

Multitasking moisturizers that soothe dry skin get pricey, and those with an affordable price tag get a bad rep. Well, this one from Nivea is both luxurious and affordable. Right now, you can score a tub of the cream for just $10 this Labor Day (down from $12). That's even lower than its Prime Day price (cue the jaw-dropping emoji).

Why do I need this?

Nivea's cream has many uses, from hydrating the skin to prolonging spray tans. The brand also says that you can use it as a face mask, hand cream, makeup remover or foot cream — the options are endless! The formula is packed with skin-nourishing ingredients like citric acid (that acts as an exfoliator), glycerin (to boost hydration) and provitamin B5 (that helps to support skin cell regeneration and diminish anti-aging effects).

Four Nivea Creams
This hydrating formula has over 100 years of helping shoppers banish dry, cracked and irritated skin. (Photo: Amazon)

What reviewers say:

"This is the best! Instead of buying La Mer that is 200 dollars, this is the same ingredients. My skin kooks and feels like im using La Mer," raved a five-star fan.

One called it their “staple moisturizer.” They shared: "I don’t know what kind of magic they put in this formula, but I don’t break out at all anymore! Get it!!"

"This is a good product for men and women to use," a five-star reviewer wrote. "I just received this Nivea cream from the Amazon driver. This is my second box, the first one I got from my wife. This is a good product for people who have dry skin like me that can help you. I use it also before I wear my fragrance to help me stay fresh and clean all day."

"Can soak them into dry feet (summer sandals)," said a shopper. "I put it on after getting the dry skin off heels, and by keeping it up, feet are so much softer. Also good for dry hands."

A final cream lover wrote that the formula helps to keep spray tans alive longer. Who knew?!? "I’ve been using Nivea cream for years!" they wrote. "I have extremely sensitive skin, I can’t use anything scented, and this product is a dream! I also use it to moisturize after a spray tan. I won’t use any other lotions."

One customer does warn: "I love Nivea products, and this one doesn't make the exception. The only problem is that it is really hard to spread. Other than that, I love it."

You can use the cream as a face mask, foot and hand cream or as a daily moisturizer!

$12 at Amazon

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