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Popular Ninja air fryer reduced to just £99: 'Convenient, healthy and economical'

Ninja has slashed the price of one of it's best-selling air fryers to under £100. (Ninja)

Haven't jumped on the air fryer bandwagon yet? Now's ideal timing as one of Ninja's most popular (and affordable) models is currently reduced to under £100.

The Ninja Air Fryer 3.8L has been reduced on Amazon this week from £149 to £99.99, making it an unmissable bargain if you've had it on your wish list.

Ninja is one of the most well known brands in the world of air fryers, which have seen a surge in popularity over the past year thanks to their energy-efficient running cost, speedy cooking times and ability to whip up healthier, tasty dishes using less oil.

On average, air fryers can cost just 17p a day to run, compared to traditional electric cookers which cost on average 87p a day (although these prices will vary depending on your energy tariff).

This Ninja deal won't be around for long to if you're keen to enjoy all the benefits an air fryer can offer, make sure you add it to your basket ASAP.

Why we rate it

Boasting four cooking functions, the Ninja Air Fryer can air fry, roast, reheat and dehydrate everything from chips to veggies, steak and chicken.

It has a 3.8 litre capacity, which customers say is perfect for a two or three person household. However, there is also a larger 5.2 litre model (reduced to £149.99) if you're after something a little larger.

Easy to use and clean, it's perfect for smaller households. (Ninja)
Easy to use and clean, it's perfect for smaller households. (Ninja)

£99.99 £149.99 at Amazon £119.99 £149.99 at Ninja

You can also cook food straight from frozen, without needing to defrost it first and thanks to the variable heat settings and two fan speeds, you can ensure every meal is cooked to perfection.

If you hate the time it takes a cook a meal, an air fryer just may be a game changer for you, as it can cook food up to 50% faster than fan ovens.

Ninja says it could also save you up to 55% on your energy bill, as it uses less electricity and takes far less to cook food than conventional ovens.

Hate washing up baking trays after you've just spent two hours making a roast? The non-stick, dishwasher-safe basket and crisper plate also means that tidying up after dinner couldn't be easier.

Need some air fryer meal inspiration? It also comes with a recipe guide for culinary inspiration, so you'll never be short of tasty dinners to create for the whole family.

What the reviews say

There are over 7,000 reviews on the Ninja air fryer on Amazon, and a massive 85% of customers gave the gadget a full five-stars.

The positives include that it’s easy to use, very quick to clean and is cuts cooking time hugely. One busy Mum said it cuts time making dinners “in half at least”.

In fact, many customers say they “hardly use” the oven as the “do it all device” does everything they need.

With high energy prices, many customers have said that the air fryer pays for itself, as their bills have dropped since swapping from using the oven to the air fryer.

One customer said they were expecting their electricity usage to be reduced by a whopping 30% to 40%.

If you're looking to make your lifestyle a bit healthier, many shoppers say the air fryer allows them to create healthier options "without compromising on taste", which let's face it, is always a bonus. One happy customer even said it elevated their cooking game "to new heights".

As for the best things to cook? Roast potatoes seem to be a clear winner.

Boasting four cooking functions, the Ninja Air Fryer 3.8L can air fry, roast, reheat and dehydrate. If you hate the time it takes a cook a meal, an air fryer just may be a game changer for you, as it can cook food up to 50% faster than fan ovens. 

£100 at Amazon

£119.99 £149.99 at Ninja £119 £129 at Very £119.99 £149 at Currys

If you're after something bigger the Dual Zone Air Fryer is also reduced to under £200.

This kitchen superstar has six cooking functions – Air Fry, Max Crisp, Roast, Bake, Reheat and Dehydrate – which means you can cook everything from roast potatoes to chicken; you can bring last night's pizza back to life; or you can even make dried fruit, vegetable crisps and beef jerky.

Featuring six cooking functions and the capacity to cook up to eight portions, this Ninja air fryer can whip up quick and healthy meals in no time.

£199 at Amazon