Nike’s New Ads Are Totally Body Positive


[Photo: Instagram/NikeNYC]

Just because you exercise and stay fit, that doesn’t mean you’re necessarily super-small or super-toned. And while most of us know that, fitness campaigns often appear not to.

Cue Nike’s latest campaign, which instead of featuring a limited selection of body types, has gone way more inclusive instead.

Featuring several curvier models and fitness instructors, the multinational corporation doesn’t toot its own horn about featuring body types found less often in marketing campaigns.


[Photo: Instagram/nikewomen]

Instead, it’s all about the look and practicality.

Featuring Paloma Elsesser (above), Nike’s Instagram accounts post the images alongside facts and tips:

“Most women wear a band too big and cup too small.

“Raise your hands above your head. If the band moves up, you may need to size down.”


[Photo: Instagram/nikewomen]

Many fans have expressed their praise. Instagram user commented on the image of Claire Fountain (above): “nice (sic) to see someone my size in a fitness campaign”, while another, lily_bee_blanc, said “Thank you Nike!!!”

But the photos fell under a little criticism too. User fitness_campbell said: “While it’s great to see you’re celebrating bigger women, there is still a lack of Nike clothing that accommodate to sizes bigger than 20+.

“I would have thought this would be something you would have already branched out into. Maybe I’m just being blind and not looking in the right place?”

Check out some of the ads here.

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