Nike to launch modest swimwear range which includes a hijab, tunic top and swim leggings

Nike has announced it is to launch a modest swimwear range including a hijab [Photo: Nike]
Nike has announced it is to launch a modest swimwear range including a hijab [Photo: Nike]

Nike is launching a new modest swimwear range, which will include a hijab suitable for wearing in the water.

Following the success of the Nike Pro Hijab, the sports brand has now unveiled the Victory Swim collection in a bid to ensure swimming is accessible for everyone.

Launching in February 2020, the collection has been designed to bring performance innovation to modest swimwear.

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Items in the collection include a full-coverage swimsuit, a swim tunic top, swim leggings and the hijab, all made from warp-knit fabric, which is lightweight and quick-drying and gives swimmers a full range of motion.

The collection came about after Nike spotted that existing modesty swimwear were lacking in either coverage or functionality, and athletes reported feeling weighed down by baggy garments, or worried about whether their hijabs and coverings would remain in place.

The range combines modesty with functionality [Photo: Nike]
The range combines modesty with functionality [Photo: Nike]

“The more we listened, the more possibility we saw to serve female athletes in new dimensions,” Martha Moore, Nike Creative Director, VP said in a statement.

“As we continue broadening our vision for innovation, we’re excited to inspire more women to see themselves in sport by thinking creatively and designing inclusively. To us, Nike Victory Swim Collection shows the power of innovation to invite all women to discover the joy of sport.”

The range also provides a UPF 40+ for full coverage sun protection and the swimsuit and tunic have a built-in sports bra with perforated cups.

The hijab features an integrated mesh pocket that holds hair in place while swimming underwater.

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Emirati figure skater Zahra Lari, the first in her sport to don the hijab in competition, regularly swims as part of her training programme, and helped put the new collection to the test.

“It doesn’t weigh you down, and it helped me swim better. It’s so different than any of the swimsuits I’ve ever seen, and I know I can wear this confidently,” she said.

The Nike Victory Swim Collection will be available to buy online at and at select retailers globally, including Nike London.

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