Woman shares picture of two 'nightmare bathrooms' – and people can't decide which is worse

Francesca Specter
Yahoo Style UK deputy editor
These bathroom pictures are the stuff of nightmares. [Photo: Getty]

Most of us have had to deal with a cramped or inconvenient living situation in our lives, but these side-by-side images of “nightmare” bathrooms may have you counting your blessings.

Sarah Schauer, a copywriter from South Carolina, US, inspired a horrified reaction from her 248,800 Twitter followers after sharing the two pictures.

She explained she’d been “trying to decide which is worse”.

The first bathroom features a full-sized washing machine placed directly over a toilet, in what looks like an extremely narrow bathroom.

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The second depicts a bathtub placed overlooking a staircase. The side of the tub – where a bather would typically exit – is completely exposed to the staircase.

She compared the two designs to “Russian roulette”, and it’s not hard to see why.

While is unclear whether these are images of people’s actual homes or not, her followers clearly agreed on the dangerous nature of both set-ups.

Death by falling washing machine or by slipping down the stairs? You decide which is better or worse....

After sharing the now-viral image, Schauer then asked her followers to share their own examples of terrible design and architecture.

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Several posts continued in the nightmare bathrooms theme, with awful taps, toilets on landings and unbelievably cramped spaces.

While the examples above seem to show fundamental design flaws, a woman recently started an internet debate about her husband’s grandmother’s carpeted bathroom – once a sign of opulence and luxury in the early ‘90s.

She posted on Reddit to say she had trouble keeping the floor dry and felt “awkward” mentioning the hygiene aspects of the room.

Within minutes responses poured in, weighing in on carpeted bathrooms. As it turns out, people are very divided on this subject.