Nigella's 'crisp cauldron' sparks salty snack wars

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EDITORIAL USE ONLY Nigella Lawson during the filming for the Graham Norton Show at BBC Studioworks 6 Television Centre, Wood Lane, London, to be aired on BBC One on Friday evening. Picture date: Thursday November 19, 2020. Photo credit should read: PA Media on behalf of So TV/PA Wire
Nigella has sparked Crisp Wars (PA Media on behalf of So TV/PA Wire)

Nigella Lawson has sparked a debate about Britain's favourite crisp brands, after sharing a photo of her 'crisp cauldron' in which she stores dozens of packets of the salty snacks.

The London-based TV cook, 61, posted an impressive image of a giant metal bowl, AKA the cauldron, which was filled to the brim with a whole host of crisp varieties and flavours.

The cauldron contained dozens of salty treats, including Twiglets, Ready Salted Walkers, Skips, Monster Munch and even Fish and Chip flavoured snacks.

"Behold the recently replenished Crisp Cauldron!" she wrote in the accompanying caption.

"I can’t say the new Fish and Chips flavour tastes exactly like fish and chips: it’s more like batter, with a whisper of vinegar. More news as I have it."

Unsurprisingly, the unique crisp-storing technique got people excited – not quite as excited as the way she said ‘microwave’ last year – but almost.

It also kicked off a debate about the crisp brands deserving of a place in the cauldron.

"Salt and Vinegar hula hoops? Oh yes," one Instagram user wrote.

"Twiglets for the win Nigella : ) yesssss," another commented.

"Ohhhh if only Cheese Moments were still in production, that would be the perfect cauldron mix," another added.

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As well as debating which crisps topped the tastiest list, other's commented about the genius way the TV cook stored her snacks.

"As if Queen Nigella has a crisp cauldron. We need to get one," one fan wrote.

"You are an actual legend @nigellalawson crisps are life!!!" another agreed.

"Even Nigella has a crisp “basket”!!" yet another fan noted.

"Ok, this is my idea of heaven," another agreed.

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Hands up who now wants a 'crisp cauldron'? Pictured in March 2019. (Getty Images)
Hands up who now wants a 'crisp cauldron'? Pictured in March 2019. (Getty Images)

It actually isn't the first time Lawson has shared her crisp cauldron. Back in the summer she unveiled the giant snack container during England's Euros 2021 finals.

After receiving hundreds of responses from people who loved the idea, Lawson shared a further image of the huge snack holder for England's final against Italy.

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"Crisp Cauldron restocked for tonight!" she wrote alongside the picture, which featured Salt and Vinegar Walkers and Monster Munch, as well as Hula Hoops.

Revealing the cauldron is there "all year round" she added that when her children were young they would hide in it, but now they've grown up she's "replaced them with crisps".

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Hands up who now wants a 'crisp cauldron'? Pictured in May 2019. (Getty Images)
Nigella Lawson regularly shares life hacks, pictured in May 2019. (Getty Images)

As well as her tip for storing crisps, Lawson has also recently revealed a trick for creating her signature bouncy locks. The food writer shared that she uses dry shampoo on her roots before bed for perfect morning hair.

In a column for The Sunday Times’ Style, the cookery star explained the unlikely step means that “grime and grease” will disappear overnight while you sleep.

She wrote: “Don’t spray on dry shampoo in the morning and then beat yourself about the head with your hairbrush trying to get it all out.

“Blast yourself with it before you go to bed and when you wake up in the morning it will have disappeared, taking the grime and grease with it.”

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