Nicole Scherzinger's fiancé Thom Evans makes rare comment about wedding after her big achievement

Nicole Scherzinger and Thom Evans
Nicole Scherzinger and Thom Evans at the Fashion Awards 2023 (Getty)

Nicole Scherzinger and Thom Evans are gearing up for the next chapter in their lives, and they cannot wait! The couple, who are currently planning for their wedding, are set to start planning for a family soon after they tie the knot.

In a new interview with Men's Health UK, the 39-year-old rugby player made a rare comment about their future as he shared their plans. It comes just days after 45-year-old Nicole's West End show Sunset Boulevard swept the Olivier Awards with seven wins, including Best Actress in a Musical.

Thom Evans and Nicole Scherzinger look at each other
Thom Evans and Nicole Scherzinger at The Olivier Awards on Sunday (Getty)

"Well, I'm looking to get married soon," he told the publication. "I proposed to my fiancée in June 2023. It was one of the best days of my life. Getting married to her and starting a family is something I can't wait for."

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The former sportsman popped the question last year after a three-year relationship. Opening up about Nicole's support over the years, Thom said: "My fiancée, I kid you not…randomly the other day she said she'd noticed a difference in me.

"I explained everything about Lingo and she said that she wasn't so into the science, but that she had definitely noticed that my energy and lust for life have been more consistent."

thom evans
The rugby play shared his excitement in planning for a wedding and a family (David Venni / Men's Health UK)

There's no denying the pair share the same lust for fitness, with the couple sharing various workout videos during lockdown.

He added: "I was always one for having my big three meals a day and maybe two snacks, one in the mid-morning between breakfast and lunch and then one before I go to bed. Just making small tweaks to that has been huge. Eating until I'm three-quarters full, eating at least two hours before I go to bed and drinking three litres of water a day."

Although details about the big day have been kept under wraps, Nicole previously revealed that the wedding will take place in her native, Hawaii, while a reception will be held "somewhere in Europe".

"I haven't even thought about anything," the singer told The Times in October. "Everybody's, like, what’s the plan? I'm like, yo, I gotta find Norma Desmond. Until I find her, and I open this show, and I am proud of it, I'm not thinking of anything else."

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She also divulged that the ceremony will be conducted by her grandfather. Probed where her married life base will be, Nicole confirmed it will be somewhere in the UK.

"I'm an adopted Brit," she added. "My friends in America know me as a Londoner, and I'm proud to be. I'm with this country, I'm proud of it."

The star continued: "But we travel a lot, and I like that."

Nicole and Thom made their relationship official in January 2020 after they originally met on X Factor: Celebrity in 2019 when Thom competed in a boy band and Nicole was on the judging panel.

Thom Evans on the cover of Men's Health UK
Thom Evans stars on the cover of Men's Health UK (David Venni / Men's Health UK)

The West End star and her Scottish boyfriend have been going strong since, frequently vacationing together and effectively managing busy schedules that sometimes take them to opposite ends of the globe.

The full interview with Thom Evans can be read in the May issue of Men’s Health UK, on sale now.