Nicola Peltz just bought back this unexpected 2010 trend and I am obsessed

Nicola Peltz poses on her instagram with a orange rose in a black strapless jumpsuit
Nicola Peltz poses on her instagram with a orange rose in a black strapless jumpsuit

In all honesty, there are a few outfit ensembles on my list that I hoped would never see the light of day ever again. Nicola Peltz Beckham, however, just wore one of them - and somehow it's made me think twice about investing in a pair for myself…

Yesterday the Lola director and star posted a series of cool girl-coded images to her 3.1 million Instagram followers, donning an all-black itty bitty belted playsuit.

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Nicola Peltz poses in a black jumpsuit with a gold belt on her Instagram
Effortless glam is Nicola's signature (Instagram / @nicolaannepeltzbeckham)

In true ‘it’ girl style, Nicola paired her Valentino strapless belted playsuit with a pair of sheer tights, patent black platform heels and her signature half-up-half-down voluminous hairstyle. She opted for little to no jewellery, just a handful of coloured rings, a dainty barely-there necklace and a singular cuff earring, letting the shiny Valentino motif belt do all the talking.

It seems fitting that the old-school trend is making a comeback, especially when ticking both the ‘no pant’ aesthetic and quiet luxury boxes. This is the first belted playsuit I've seen on an A-lister in quite some time, but I have a sneaky suspicion that Brooklyn Beckham's wife has started a new wave of nostalgia-inducing dressing and I for one am here for it.

Nicola Peltz poses for an Instagram photo wearing a black jumpsuit and sheer tights
Is minimal jewellery also a new trend i didn't know about? (Instagram / @nicolaannepeltzbeckham)

The second I saw her post my mind rewound back in time to when my 11-year-old self chose an outfit of similar stature to attend a friend's birthday. Albeit my chosen party ‘fit was in a vibrant fuchsia hue (most definitely not designer) and accessorised with striped socks, a few too many multi-coloured bracelets and a chunky belt, I couldn't help but feel a nostalgic connection to Nicola's recent fit.

It quickly became apparent that I am jealous of Nicola Peltz and her ability to make a 2010 trend chicer than ever because I, for one, could never.