Nicola Peltz Beckham’s brownie batter highlights are a spring lift for 'liquid brunette’ hair

Nicola Peltz Beckham is one of those people who can slip between brunette and blonde so seamlessly, that you almost forget she used to be the other shade. Her return to the dark side last year – following a very blonde bridal look – was so smooth, due to the fact she picked an effortlessly glossy, 'liquid brunette' hue.

A trend pinned down in 2022 by Zoë Irwin and Nicola Clarke at John Frieda, it was all about saying goodbye to balayage and bronde, and returning to a more true brunette; giving depth with carefully placed micro-slices of shades one up or down, and a high gloss finish (hence the name).

Now, just in time for spring, Nicola's dark brown tresses are looking lighter and warmer, veering away from the 'Mocha-Noir' dark chocolate of Zoë's original liquid brunette, to another popular hair palette that's carried into 2023: brownie batter hair.

Nicola's warm yet subtle highlights⁠ — on display in this half-up style for the Valentino show at Paris Fashion Week ⁠— stay close to the liquid brunette mantra of remaining within a close shade range, but bend the rules just enough to give it that lift for spring. And without compromising on the gloss that completes that uber-luxe final effect.

Swiping through the carousel to slide five, the close up with Nicola's hair falling over her shoulder, you can see the colour without flash. Showing just how understated the tones are, and exactly why it's called 'liquid brunette'.

That gloss😍. It literally looks fluid.

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