Nick Knowles says he's 'massive' after gaining four stone in lockdown

The star says he's gained weight. (PA)
The star says he's gained weight. (PA)

DIY SOS star Nick Knowles has said he’s “massive” after piling on four stone during lockdown.

The 59-year-old shared last year that he didn’t work out during the first lockdown because gyms were closed and that he “ate all the pies” and enjoyed plenty of banana bread.

And he’s now told the Mirror that his weight crept up and that by the end he’d put on four stone.

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He said: “I’ve made a living by looking like a bag of spanners on TV. I’m 18 stone, I’m massive.

“I’m always on building sites. During lockdown I put on almost four stone.”

However, the TV star said he’s working hard to get back in shape and so far has shed an impressive two stone.

Last year, Knowles was trolled over his weight on social media after he wore a wetsuit in the DIY SOS Children In Need special.

Discussing the reaction on Morning Live at the time, he said he hadn’t been able to train during the first lockdown, had been at home doing a lot of writing, eating banana bread, had put on weight and grown a beard.

He said: “When I came to do the shoot I thought ‘I'll tidy myself up’ and then actually no because so many people, not everybody, did the Joe Wicks thing, not everyone spends half their life in the gym.

Nick Knowles attending The Sun Military Awards 2020 held at the Banqueting House, London.
Nick Knowles on the red carpet. (PA)

“Some people put on a lot of weight and I thought do you know what, first start of the show, let's start with that straight away.”

He joked that during the opening scene when he was in a wetsuit, if he had laid down on the beach “Greenpeace would have dragged me back into the water”.

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“But let's embrace it!” he said. “There was a combination of what an amazing job and also who ate all the pies? Well I did. You do whatever you have to do to get through lockdown.”

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