Nicholas Galitzine filmed THIS MANY 'Mary & George' sex scenes in 1 day & we're GAGGING

Nicholas Galitzine on Mary & George
Nicholas Galitzine on Mary & George

Gay panic.

Best known for his roles on Red, White & Royal Blue and Bottoms, Nicholas Galitzine is now embarking on a new journey on the Mary & George limited series. He plays George Villiers on the show and stars opposite of legendary actors such as Julianne Moore (Mary Villiers) and Tony Curran (James VI and I).

From the teasers and trailers alone, we knew exactly what to expect when it came to the sex scenes happening on Mary & George. This is clearly a very horny show, and we didn’t have any doubts about that. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, however, Galitzine had us shook while answering a question about filming those scenes.

In a single day, Galitzine had to film not one, not two, not three, but FOUR sex scenes for the show. And just like that, we need to summon Xunami Muse to emphasize how many sex scenes he had to film for the show.

“There was one day where we did about four sex scenes in one day,” Galitzine told the publication. “I was going from room to room meeting strangers and saying, ‘Hi, I am Nick, nice to meet you. Okay, this is the position we’re going to be in.’”

The actor added, “You vicariously live through this man’s sense of power. It’s an incredibly empowering feeling. We had such a wonderful intimacy coordinator, and for the day players who came in for these singular scenes, I hope I made them feel comfortable. But I’m so proud of all that work that we did together.”

Created by D.C. Moore, Mary & George is based on Benjamin Woolley’s 2017 non-fiction book The King’s Assassin. The story mostly revolves around the affair between George Villiers and King James VI and I in the 1600s.

We didn’t really need even more reasons to be excited for Mary & George, but now we are!

Mary & George premieres Friday, Apr. 5 on Starz.