Lions interim coach Darrell Bevell sets record straight on potentially spoiling daughters' engagements

Cassandra Negley
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It appeared the the Detroit Lions’ interim head coach made his first faux pas earlier this week while telling how he learned of his promotion. Now Darrell Bevell is setting the record straight: He did not ruin his daughters’ marriage proposals from their respective boyfriends.

Bevell accidentally reveals future son-in-laws proposal plans

Bevell, the Lions offensive coordinator, was sharing with reporters how he was out with his family Saturday at the Henry Ford Museum when he got the call he would be the interim head coach.

Except this is how he described his family:

“On Saturday, I was with my family — my wife, my three daughters and then my two, I guess, future son-in-laws now. They both wanted to talk to me this past weekend,” he said Monday, via the Detroit Free Press.

That appears innocent enough on the surface. Maybe two of his daughters are already engaged? Maybe the men want to talk to him about something completely different? There were ways out of this.

But then Bevell said the boyfriends asked him about marrying his daughters, but had not popped the question yet. And it made all sorts of headlines — even TMZ, much to Bevell’s surprise.

Darrell Bevell.
Lions interim coach Darrell Bevell set the record straight on potentially spoiling his daughters' engagements. (Photo by Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images)

Wait: Bevell’s daughters had ‘inkling’ of plans

Bevell, a 20-year NFL coaching veteran, set the record straight on Thursday about the error. Via the Detroit Free Press:

“They had an inkling of it, yes, because they brought them out here," Bevell said. “I mean, there’s only small windows to be able to talk to Dad. So they both came out here on Thanksgiving weekend to do that, so they know. They just, they still don’t know when it’s coming.”

He made clear that while the boyfriends “asked for my permission” they had not yet asked his daughters to marry them, and no one has any clue when that will be. He also shared how one boyfriend asked him, which honestly sounds like it’s from a TV show.

“Kind of a funny story,” Bevell said, via the Free Press. “So my middle daughter’s a softball player at BYU and when she came up here, she’s like, ‘I haven’t got enough hitting in, I want to go hit.’ So we went out and hit, and one of them took a softball off the eye, so he asked me while we were in the emergency room getting it stitched up, if you can believe it.”

It’s a day and age where his daughters and their partners have almost certainly discussed potential marriage. So no surprise there. But they only had an “inkling” of an idea and can’t you just visit family for the holidays? Now they, and many others in the world, are aware an engagement moment is imminent. Not the greatest job by Bevell there, but he is already calling them future son-in-laws so that’s a nice win. And the future sons-in-law could have some fun with it.

Bevell will coach his first game for the Lions when they travel to play the Chicago Bears on Sunday. The organization fired coach Matt Patricia and general manager Bob Quinn following the Thanksgiving day loss to the Houston Texans. It was a move worthy of a holiday celebration for the players.

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