Why you might want to avoid making a cuppa at work

You might never have a cup of tea in the office ever again! [Photo: Startup Stock Photos via Pexels]

If you’re about to do the office tea round, stop right there. Because a new study might make you think twice about drinking your brew from a communal office mug.

Research has revealed that up to 90% of mugs in workplace kitchens are actually teaming with dangerous germs and bacteria.

It gets worse.

The same study also revealed that 20% (or a horrifying one in five) of these cups actually carry faecal matter. Bleugh.

Still fancy that cuppa?

The study was carried out by Charles Gerba, a professor of environmental microbiology at the University of Arizona.

He found that the culprit for our germy office mugs is the communal sponge we’re using to “clean” them with.

Because the sponges sit in the office kitchen and are rarely cleaned or replaced, they become a breeding ground for germs, which then end up on the cups and mugs.

One in five office cups contain faecal matter. Gross! [Photo: Startup Stock Photos via Pexels]

But wait before you swear off having a cuppa in the office ever again, Professor Gerba says there is a way of ensuring you’re not supping your tea from a poop riddled mug.

He suggests taking your cup home with you every night and running it through a hot wash in your dishwasher, which will keep your mug germ (and faeces)-free.

Turns out the office mug isn’t the only germ-riddled household item either. Earlier this month we revealed eight bacteria-infested hotspots that can harbour more germs than the average toilet including toothbrushes, remote controls and your handbag. Nice!

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