Will Netflix's Uncoupled get a season 2?

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Photo credit: SARAH SHATZ/NETFLIX - Netflix
Photo credit: SARAH SHATZ/NETFLIX - Netflix

When it comes to the classic rom-com, Netflix have well and truly changed the game with their latest offering, Uncoupled.

The series dropped on the streaming platform last Friday (29th July), telling the story of 40-something, Michael, whose partner of 17 years, Colin, leaves him with no explanation. Now single in New York, Michael finds himself thrown out into the unrecognisable (and sometimes ruthless) world of dating for the first time - leading to a string of new encounters. Oh, and Neil Patrick Harris stars as the lead, making things 10x more exciting.

Fans have been busy bingeing the eight-parter over the weekend, with many understandably now calling for a season two. So, will there be more Uncoupled on the way? Here's what we know about a potential Uncoupled season two so far...

Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

Will there be an Uncoupled season 2?

Netflix unfortunately haven't confirmed an Uncoupled season two just yet, but that doesn't mean there's not still potential for a second instalment.

Usually, shows with just one season will be billed as a "limited series" on Netflix. The good news is that Uncoupled *isn't* down as "limited". Instead, it's marked as "eight episodes" - so that hopefully still leaves room for future seasons.

There's also the plot to consider. The season one finale ends on a *massive* cliffhanger, with Colin turning up at Michael's apartment to tell him he thinks he's made a mistake. Are these two on their way to getting back together? We'll need a season two to find out - and the fact that the S1 ending is left pretty open makes us somewhat hopeful.

Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

While we wait on an official Netflix announcement, fans are of course very keen on the idea of an Uncoupled season two. One viewer tweeted, "I really really love 'Uncoupled' and please please please give us S2! In the waves of teenage LGBTQ+ stories, the series of middle age gay men is quite refreshing."

Who might star in Uncoupled season 2?

*If* Uncoupled season two is confirmed, we'd of course expect lead Neil Patrick Harris to return as Michael. There's also Tuc Watkins as Colin, and Tisha Campbell as Michael's colleague and close friend, Suzanne.

Other cast members we'd hope to return include Brooks Ashmanskas (Stanley) and Emerson Brooks (Billy) playing Michael's two best friends - as well as Marcia Gay Harden as client and friend Claire Lewis.

When is Uncoupled season 2 expected to be released?

We'll have to wait on season two confirmation before there's any news of a release date. Still, if s2 does go ahead, we'd be hoping for a 2023 release. Fingers crossed!

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