Netflix viewers are all saying the same thing about new series Red Rose

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Netflix viewers react to new series Red RoseBBC

Netflix has brought some truly great TV to our screens this February. From the return of You season four (hey Joe!) to the arrival of dating series Perfect Match, we've been glued to our Netflix account this month. And our latest TV obsession is new series Red Rose, and it appears viewers can't stop talking about it either.

Red Rose is a series that originally came out on BBC Three in August last year, but was released globally on Netflix last week (15th February). The eight-part drama series centres on a group of teenagers been terrorised by a deadly app and has been called a mixture of Derry Girls and Black Mirror, aka two of our favourite shows.

netflix viewers are having same reaction to new series red rose

The series is set in Bolton with a group of friends celebrating finishing their GCSE exams. As the summer progresses the friends all get addicted to an app called Red Rose. At first it's a comforting and caring app, but as the series and their use of the app continues, it becomes more and more controlling, demanding deadly requests of its users.

It's made by the same production company as Sex Education, so you know Red Rose is going to be good and it stars Amelia Clarkson, Isis Hainsworth, Natalie Blair, Ellis Howard, Ali Kahn and Ashna Rabheru.

netflix viewers are having same reaction to new series red rose

Red Rose has been out for a few days and viewers are already loving the series, with one person tweeting: "RED ROSE is the new Netflix banger.. yall heard it here first."

Another agreed saying: "Red Rose on Netflix is f**king amazing I finished the entire thing in a day."

And another said: "I put Red Rose on just as a background thing on Netflix last night and literally ended up binging tf out of it."

Whilst everyone is tweeting to say how much they love the series, a few have warned it is quite unsettling and occasionally scary to watch, with one person saying it was "terrifyingly brilliant" and another said Red Rose has "been creepy af".

Well, we know what our next binge watch is going to be!

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