Netflix updates My List feature so users can find content they have yet to watch

Thanks to a new update, Netflix is making it easier for iOS and Android users to search through “My List,” a feature that allows users to have a section dedicated to saved movies and TV shows.

On Monday, the streaming service began rolling out new filters for the My List feature, including options for users to sort titles by release date, alphabetical order, if the title is a movie or TV show, as well as the date for when the user added the title to the list.

Arguably the most helpful filters are the new “Haven’t Started” and “Started” options, which allow users to sort by titles that they have or haven’t begun watching yet. The new filters should be a helpful addition for users that save a lot of need-to-watch titles to their list and need a way to sift through the mess.

Previously, the My List features didn’t have any filters whatsoever, so mobile users had to keep scrolling on the app to find the specific title they were looking for.

Android users will be the first to see the upgrade. Meanwhile, Netflix will launch the update on iOS devices over the next few weeks.

Image Credits: Netflix

Plus, subscribers can now swipe directly on the title cards if they want to delete films or series from the list. Before the update, users had to tap on the title to be redirected to the details page where they would then select the My List checkmark icon to remove it.

Note that the updates are for mobile users only. Netflix doesn’t have immediate plans to roll out the update for TVs, a company spokesperson told TechCrunch. Netflix initially launched My List back in 2013.

Additionally, the streamer is introducing a new “Coming Soon” row on the TV home screen — set to roll out to all subscribers globally in the next few weeks. Currently, users can discover upcoming titles in the “New & Popular” tab. Adding a Coming Soon row directly onto the home page will allow TV users to quickly see which films and series are launching on the platform.