Netflix Japan Unveils 2024 TV and Movie Lineup

Netflix Japan has a variety of exciting shows and films coming to the platform this year. The company is amping up its production of Japanese content after finding that, last year, Japanese shows were the third most-watched non-English productions, following Korean and Spanish.

Leading the charge on the 2024 roster is Netflix’s live-action adaptation of the City Hunter manga – originally serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump – which follows a private detective working in Tokyo. The streamer said that the adaptation builds on the success of another live-action title, Yu Yu Hakusho.

Another adaptation takes inspiration not from a manga but rather from a novel by Ko Shinjo. Tokyo Swindlers will hone in on the “high-stakes game of real estate deception” and the scammers that made away with large cash payments. The Queen of Villains, meanwhile, will tell the story of 1980s female wrestler Dump Matsumoto in a limited series.

Other titles include the emotional drama Beyond Goodbye and the Michihito Fujii-directed The Parades, holding a lens up to the lives of those who have lost loved ones.

Stay tuned for more updates on the series and films premiering on Netflix Japan in 2024.