Netflix Fans Are All Saying The Same Thing About New Film 'I Used To Be Famous'

i used to be famous viewers say same thing about the film
Fans Say Same Thing About 'I Used to Be Famous'Netflix

We love it when a Netflix film ticks all our boxes, and new release I Used to Be Famous will cheer you up as much as it'll make you cry. A pretty good combo, if you ask us.

The film dropped last week (16 September) and it's already landed in the No.2 spot in Netflix's Top 10, starring Deadpool actor Ed Skrein. Viewers are already raving about the story, which centres on a former boyband star who gets a second shot at success. And fans are now all saying the same thing about the film.

To recap, Netflix's official synopsis for the project reads: 'Vince used to be in the hottest boy band around. Now the troubled former popstar is alone and desperate. He dreams of making a comeback and starts performing in the streets of Peckham, in the hope that someone, anyone, will listen. An impromptu jam with Stevie, an autistic young drummer with an incredible gift for rhythm, sparks an unexpected friendship between the two misunderstood musicians. Together they form a unique bond through the power of music.'

Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

SO wholesome. Reacting to the film, viewers have been quick to share their thoughts, with many pointing out just how heartwarming Vince and Stevie's story is.

One fan tweeted, 'Ah man. I Used to Be Famous on Netflix was such a heartwarming film.' A second agreed, adding, 'I Used to Be Famous is a great Netflix movie. The music is beautiful. The story is heartwarming. The acting is superb. I adore this movie. It's my new favourite.'

Others were keen to shout out actors Ed Skrein (Vince) and Leo Long (Stevie) for their performances. One wrote, 'If you’re after a heartwarming British beaut of a film, I Used to Be Famous could be it. Ed Skrein and Leo Long are incredibly watchable.'

Another went on, 'Well this was just one of the most heartwarming lil movies I’ve ever seen, fantastic debut for Leo Long, a lil cheesy but super feel-good nonetheless, great music too.'

I Used to Be Famous is streaming now on Netflix.

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