Netflix fans all have the same criticism of That '90s Show

that '90s show theory eric isn't leia's dad
Netflix fans have same criticism of That '90s ShowNetflix

After a very long wait, the much anticipated sitcom That '90s Show finally dropped on Netflix last week, and we may have spent our entire weekend binge watching it. The 10-part series is a reboot of the iconic That '70s Show and sees the daughter of Eric and Donna, Leia, go to stay with her grandparents in Point Place for the summer.

The series is just as funny as the original with Leia navigating friendship, family and her first love. Fans of the show have been loving the series so far, especially the incredibly nostalgic moments where the previous cast have made cameos. Yeah, we're still not over Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis' surprise appearance in episode one.

that '90s show fans have same criticism

However, there is one very serious complaint Netflix viewers have over the new series, why is the original That '70s Show not available to stream too? And we get where they're coming from. After having watched the new series, we're also seriously in the mood for some nostalgia and want to rewatch the first one.

Many viewers have taken to Twitter to complain about That '70s Show not being available, with one person tweeting: "Why would Netflix produce That '90s Show but not have That '70s Show available that’s so stupid."

And another agreed saying: "How is Netflix gonna release That '90s Show without 'That 70s Show being available….."

And one person hilariously said: "Not to be dramatic but Netflix dropping 'That '90s Show' while not having 'That '70s Show' available for streaming is my villain origin story."

So why isn't That '70s Show available on Netflix? Well, the iconic sitcom starring Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher, Topher Grace, Laura Prepon, Kurtwood Smith and Debra Jo Rupp was originally available on Netflix for a number of years until September 2020.

However, the series isn't likely to be making a comeback to Netflix as it has now moved to streaming site Peacock.

Peacock is currently available to UK viewers with a NOW TV subscription, however, it isn't clear if That '70s Show is available for UK viewers.

that '90s show fans have same criticism

Guess, we'll just have to rewatch That '90s Show a few more times then.

That '90s Show is available on Netflix now.

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