The Nespresso Frother Tip To Create A Shaken Espresso In Seconds

A shaken espresso in a glass
A shaken espresso in a glass - Brent Hofacker/Shutterstock

If you have a Nespresso in your kitchen, then you might already know the many hacks to get better coffee using the machine. Another Nespresso device that upgrades your at-home coffee is its frother, which aerates milk or cream and turns it into foam for lattes and cappuccinos — no professional barista required. Then there's the popular shaken espresso beverage that turns hot coffee into an icy cold and foamy beverage that you might have ordered at Starbucks or your other favorite local coffee chain. To save some money and time, use that frother to make a shaken espresso in a matter of seconds without the need to leave the house.

The trick is to use your Nespresso frother on its cold setting. Start by brewing your go-to Nespresso capsule, maybe with this preheating tip that makes your coffee taste even better, then pour the coffee into your frother. Unless you like a black cup of brew, the next step is to add your go-to milk or creamer to the frother. Then, activate the cold setting on the frother and let it do the rest of the work. The result is cold and creamy espresso or coffee that's not watered down by ice as it would be if you were using the traditional shaking technique. And don't worry, you can still pour it into an ice-filled glass to keep it cool while you sip on your handcrafted beverage.

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Use The Cold Setting To Turn Hot Espresso Into Cold Shaken Coffee

Close-up of a Nespresso machine pouring coffee into a mug
Close-up of a Nespresso machine pouring coffee into a mug - Yula/Getty Images

In order to use this trick, you'll need the proper Nespresso frother to transform your coffee. The company offers three types of frothers, including the Barista Milk Frother that, according to the website, doesn't have a cold setting included in its features so you'd need to let the coffee cool first with this machine. Both the Aeroccino4 and Aeroccino3 milk frothers have cold settings that are easily activated with a button. However, any frother equipped with a cold setting works for this easy shaken espresso hack if you have another brand (plus, there are many other great uses for your milk frother). You can also get creative with different syrups and milks to elevate your shaken espresso.

If you're a fan of the Starbucks Iced Hazelnut Oatmilk Shaken Espresso that launched this past winter, combine the frothed espresso with oat milk and a few pumps of hazelnut syrup. To achieve a mocha shaken espresso, use high-quality white or milk chocolate with the coffee and your preferred milk, or use a mocha-flavored creamer. Any flavored syrup like caramel or vanilla matched with any sort of milk works, or you can just pour it over ice and drink it black. To really put the frother to use, make some cold foam with milk to top the shaken espresso before you take a sip. And since you're here, check out our ranking of Nespresso pod flavors to upgrade your morning cup of coffee further.

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