Neighbours star Stefan Dennis reveals if he will be getting a haircut before the show returns

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Stefan Dennis says he will be getting a haircut in time for Neighbours revival credit:Bang Showbiz
Stefan Dennis says he will be getting a haircut in time for Neighbours revival credit:Bang Showbiz

Stefan Dennis will be getting a haircut in time for the 'Neighbours' revival.

The 64-year-old actor had starred as short-haired bad boy Paul Robinson on the Aussie soap opera for much of his career but was suddenly able to grow his hair out when the show ended in 2022 and was able to keep his long locks for the jobs he took on in the months that followed the serial's cancellation.

He told BANG Showbiz and other media outlets: "It was borne out of laziness this look, actually because I suddenly didn't have to get a haircut every two weeks for continuity. So yeah, I just thought ‘Oh bugger it! I'm gonna grow everything!’ And then of course It went in my favour because I did a film in New Zealand and the character I played was a villain. Funny that! And I was doing a Zoom call like this with the director. He said it was perfect for the character. So, I kept growing that for the character and then I finished that and then I just went back.

"And then I did a musical. And I thought I was gonna have to cut my hair for the musical because I was in 'La Cage Aux Follies' and I was playing the character of Dindon. He's very, very straight-laced, right-wing politician. And I thought ‘Well, obviously, I've got to cut all of that I thought I might keep the beard for that.’ Long story short that that production got cut short. And so, I just kept growing it. And here I am with long hair and a beard. "

However, the series is due to be revived by Amazon Freevee later this year and Stefan - who has been married to Gail Easdale since 2000 - went on to admit that he will be chopping off his long hair because it just doesn't suit the character of Paul.

He added: "In answer to your question, which I haven't answered yet, I would probably think not. This is not Paul, you know, we keep joking and saying, you know, maybe Paul's going to come back in lovely linen suits and sandals. But I think it's back to the short hair, unfortunately. Or fortunately. I don’t care!"