NBC faces backlash after incorrectly labelling Mickey Guyton as Jhene Aiko during Super Bowl broadcast

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Just minutes into its Super Bowl LVI broadcast, NBC sparked backlash after incorrectly labelling Mickey Guyton as Jhene Aiko.

On Sunday, the pre-show ahead of the big game kicked off at SoFi Stadium in California with a performance of America the Beautiful by Aiko and a performance of the National Anthem by Guyton.

However, as viewers pointed out on social media, at one point during the broadcast, the camera panned to Guyton, who was on the field ahead of her performance, but instead of having her name on the text caption, she was incorrectly identified as Aiko.

While the mistake was corrected seconds later, viewers criticised NBC for the error on Twitter, with one person writing: “Not them showing Mickey Guyton with Jhene Aiko’s name underneath. Come on now…”

“Dunno what it means that the #SuperBowl kicked off with them showing Mickey Guyton on screen instead of Jhene Aiko…” another person wrote.

Someone else noted: “Mickey Guyton slays the anthem. Too bad the same couldn’t be said for whoever wound up confusing for her Jhene Aiko. #SuperBowl.”