To celebrate National Orgasm Day, here's 9 great facts about the big O

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Happy National Orgasm Day! [Photo: Chevanon Photography via Pexels]
Happy National Orgasm Day! [Photo: Chevanon Photography via Pexels]

Happy National Orgasm Day folks! (Surely that deserves a bank holiday, no?)

But while the Internet cracks out the lols about NO day – “It seems to come round quicker every year” *sniggers* and “The women laughing at your National Orgasm Day jokes are faking it”, we’ve decided to celebrate this happiest of days by rounding up some revelatory orgasm facts.

You’re O so welcome *groans*

A woman once orgasmed more than a 100 times an hour

Yep according to Tracey Cox, sex and relationship expert for Lovehoney the world record for female orgasms is a staggering 134 in an hour. It was recorded at the Centre for Marital and Sexual Studies in California.

Interestingly the same study found that the male world record for orgasms was just16 in an hour. No comment.

Both men and women can have multiple orgasms

“For a woman, multiple orgasms can be one of two things,” explains Tracey Cox. “One really long, super orgasm or two or three in a row.”

Unlike men, women can climb back on and continue but that’s not to say men can’t have multiple orgasms either.

“Men are capable of having non-ejaculatory orgasms. This is when the man experiences an orgasm in his brain and retains his erection but inhibits ejaculation by squeezing his PC muscle (the one that stops you weeing) and other techniques,” explains Tracey.

But men can also achieve multiple-ejaculation orgasms. “He has several orgasms in a row, all accompanied by full or partial ejaculation. Some men lose their erection fully each time and others maintain it.”

It's not always possible to orgasm simultaneously [Photo: Stokpic via Pexels]
It’s not always possible to orgasm simultaneously [Photo: Stokpic via Pexels]

Exercise orgasms are totally a thing

“Ten per cent of women report achieving orgasm during exercise,” reveals Tracey Cox. “Some women can orgasm purely through nipple stimulation and it’s also been documented that a small percentage of people are able to bring themselves to orgasm purely through fantasy – with no physical stimulation whatsoever.”

According to Tracey a small amount of the population can even orgasm through having a sneezing fit. Bless you!

Simultaneous orgasms aren’t always possible

According to Tracey Cox roughly 75% of men in relationships always have an orgasm with their partner, compared to 30% of women.

“Do the math and you’ll soon see the chances of both of you orbiting into orgasmic ecstasy at exactly the same moment is highly unlikely,” she says. “Romantic, yes. Likely, no.”

“Quite frankly, taking turns – you have your orgasm first, he has his later – is not only more practical, it’s sometimes a lot more satisfying,” she continues.

There’s a way to tell if your partner is faking

“Look for the sex flush,” advises Tracey. “We all get a rash on our chest at the point of orgasm but it comes and goes in a split second so is easy to miss.”

“Most women are tender to touch straight afterwards, too. If you can touch her clitoris directly afterwards, she’s probably faked it.”

Women have around a third of the orgasms that men do

A large-scale study of American adults found women have about one orgasm for every three a man has. Mmm.

“One in three women have problems having an orgasm (via any means) with a partner and 80% CAN’T orgasm through vaginal intercourse alone,” reveals Tracey.

“Yet most women have no problems having an orgasm during masturbation, particularly if using a vibrator, and lesbians have almost many orgasms as men do.”

Women have around a third of the orgasms men do [Photo: Pixabay via Pexels]
Women have around a third of the orgasms men do [Photo: Pixabay via Pexels]

But there is a way for women to up their orgasm quota

The distance between the clitoris and vaginal opening predicts your likelihood of vaginal orgasm, advises Tracey Cox.

“If the distance is less than the width of a thumb, the clitoris is more likely to get stimulated through a ‘pulling’ sensation activated by thrusting.”

The longest ever orgasm lasted for 45 seconds

Yep, the longest orgasm on record was recorded in 1966 when a woman had a 45 second orgasm that involved 25 individual contractions!!!

Not all orgasms are equal

Research by online sex toy retailer Lovehoney found that female orgasms are on average 25% longer than male orgasms.

The female orgasm typically last 10.9 seconds while his climax is two seconds shorter at 8.7 seconds.

Tracey Cox has her own range of sex toys with Lovehoney, Britain’s biggest online sex toy retailer.

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