Nathalie Emmanuel changed 'interaction' with exercise after tackling body image issues

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Nathalie Emmanuel changed 'interaction' with exercise after tackling body image issues

Nathalie Emmanuel decided to overhaul her exercise regime after "constantly" beating herself up over her appearance.

The F9 actress was looking at old photos of herself recently, and while at the time she remembered feeling unhappy with her weight, Nathalie realised she had been too harsh on herself and was now falling into the same cycle again.

"You know how on Facebook it shows you a memory of yourself from six years ago or four years ago? A picture came up on my phone, and I went, 'I look so great!' But I also remember that at the time (of that photo), I thought I was overweight and needed to do all these unhealthy things," Nathalie recalled in an interview with Women's Health magazine.

"We just beat ourselves up constantly, and we're never perfect enough," she added before explaining she has decided to focus on achievements rather than measurements when it comes to exercise. "I had to change how I interacted with exercise and decide what I wanted to get from it."

Nathalie, who is trained as a yoga teacher, has created a list of goals for her workout sessions - improve running endurance, work on shoulder strength, and master a yoga pose that involves balancing on forearms.

While the Game of Thrones star has found some of the cardiovascular training challenging, she always looks forward to yoga sessions.

"What I love about yoga is there's no pressure to be the best at it. Even if you just lie on your mat for the hour and breathe with intention, you're doing yoga," the 32-year-old said, before explaining what inspired her to take up the relaxing activity when she was 18. "My mental health was deteriorating, and I took my first class in reaction to it."

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