Naomi Watts is celebrated for sharing the positive sides of menopause on Instagram

Naomi Watts is celebrated for sharing the positive sides of menopause on Instagram

Naomi Watts has been praised for celebrating the upsides of the menopause in a joyous and refreshingly honest video on Instagram.

The 53-year-old actress shared a clip of herself reacting to all the benefits of going through the menopause in a bid to open up a positive conversation about the inevitable stage of life.

The video begins with the question: "The Upsides of menopause?"

Naomi then responds to text across the screen that reads: "No more periods. Good bye PMS. We're grown ass women, we're wiser, we're more experienced.

"Is there more? Yes, we're kinder to ourselves. Our friendships have history, we tell the truth, and we know when someone isn't. We own the '90s. Yeah we got this is. The better half is ahead.We're here for all of it and can I say this."

The video concludes: "Better in the sack? It's just a fact... Jack. We know how to ask what we want. We can go to bed at 9.30 with no shame. To sum it up. We don't give two f**ks anymore."

Naomi has founded Stripes, an online community which offers holistic solutions to the menopause while encouraging women to unite and share their perimenopause and menopause experiences.

Naomi's celebrity friends commended her for raising awareness with her video campaign and related to the positive effects she mentioned in her clip.

Gwyneth Paltrow wrote: "Love."

Julianna Margulies added: "100000000 percent correct!"

The Mulholland Drive star previously spoke about wanting to remove the stigma that surrounds the menopause in a frank post on Instagram (via People). She revealed she went through the menopause in her late 30s when she was thinking about starting a family.

"How could I figure this out when no one was talking?" she explained on social media. "I was earlier to it than my peers. My mentors and mum didn't seem up for discussing it, I didn't know how to ask for help and they didn't know how to provide…. even doctors had little to say," she continued. "It's oddly like an unwritten code of silence: women should suck it up and cope, because that's how generations passed have done it."

She added that she wanted to make this natural phase of life more represented in mainstream media, and emphasised that getting older should be seen as a privilege.

"It's a time for us to feel proud of our cumulative experiences - to feel empowered, unapologetically so. I think being part of a change-maker generation is exciting. No more walking through this alone," she added.

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